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  1. weekend with
    A Photographer Goes Date-Palm Harvesting in EgyptChristina Rizk captures a fruit-gathering ritual in front of the pyramids.
  2. lavish government spending
    The Hotel Bill for Melania Trump’s One-Day Cairo Visit Was $95,000And she didn’t even stay the night there.
  3. global tech
    Egypt’s ‘Fake News’ Laws Are Being Used to Silence Online DissentAt least two women have been arrested for accusing state officials of harassment.
  4. select all
    Egyptian ‘Fake News’ Law Could Censor Social-Media UsersWhile Facebook remains muted on how to handle fake news, Egypt has issued its own legislation, which critics fear will censor social media.
  5. crime
    Egyptian Student Dies After Being Attacked in EnglandShe was brutally beaten by a group of women in an incident many believe was racially motivated.
  6. Death Toll in Sinai Mosque Attack Raised to 305Egypt suffered the deadliest terrorist attack in its modern history on Friday.
  7. Assassin’s Creed Took a Year Off to Find ItselfOrigins is more of a reset.
  8. politics
    Trump Struggles to Praise Egyptian President, Decides to Compliment His ShoesDiplomacy!
  9. Trump Officials Negotiated Release of U.S. Aid Worker Held in Egypt for 3 YearsAs Egypt’s Abdel Fattah el-Sisi was welcomed to the White House, aides worked to free Aya Hijazi, who became a symbol of his harsh tactics.
  10. Palm Sunday Bombings at Coptic Churches in Egypt Kill at Least 40ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attacks, which are but the latest violence to strike Egypt’s Christian minority.
  11. After Meeting With Trump, Egypt’s Leader Notes His ‘Unique Personality’After a warm White House reception for a leader the Obama administration had shied away from because of human-rights concerns.
  12. At Least 25 Killed in Egypt Cathedral BlastThe bomb, packed with shrapnel, tore through a women’s worship hall at one of Cairo’s more important Coptic churches.
  13. everyday sexism
    Female News Anchors in Egypt Kicked Off Air Until They Lose Weight“The eyes see before the ears hear, so appearance is important.”
  14. this again
    17-Year-Old Dies During Female CircumcisionThe procedure is illegal in Egypt and was performed at a private hospital.
  15. puppets
    Meet Abla Fahita, the Sassy Egyptian Puppet Being Sued for Indecency Her sexual references and political satire have upset some.
  16. Report: Arrested EgyptAir Hijacker’s First Demand Was to Speak to His Ex-WifeThe man who hijacked an EgyptAir flight and diverted it to Cyprus may have done so merely to speak with his ex-wife.
  17. Egypt’s Local Branch of ISIS Overruns Hotel in Sinai, Killing JudgeThe latest from the militants who say they took down the Russian passenger jet.
  18. Sudden Noise Recorded in Russian Airliner’s Last MomentAnalysis of the flight’s black box seems to support the theory that a bomb destroyed the plane.
  19. Airline Official Believes Russian Plane Crash Caused by ‘External Impact’Authorities have yet to pinpoint the exact reason a plane with 224 people inside disintegrated in the air last weekend. 
  20. Egyptian Forces Accidentally Kill Foreign Tourists and GuidesThey were mistaken for “terrorist elements.”
  21. Egyptian Court Finds Al Jazeera Journalists GuiltyThey have been sentenced to three years in prison, after what was widely considered to be a sham trial. 
  22. the real housewives
    Ancient Egyptian Women Had Prenups Taller Than Their HusbandsResearchers have found prenuptial agreements on scrolls as long as eight feet. 
  23. ISIS Claims Responsibility for Attack on Italian Embassy in EgyptAt least one person is dead after a car bomb was detonated in a busy part of Cairo.
  24. Two Jailed Al Jazeera Journalists Go Free in EgyptWhile an Egyptian one remains in prison.
  25. Egypt’s Cartoonists, After Charlie HebdoEight of Egypt’s political cartoonists react to the Charlie Hebdo massacre.
  26. Egyptian Terror Group Belatedly Takes Responsibility for American DeathOr, you know, just wanted to capitalize on an unclaimed attack.
  27. ISIS Now Has a Network of Military Affiliates in 11 Countries Around the WorldTerror groups from Libya to the Philippines have joined the ISIS cause.
  28. Egypt May Free Jailed Al Jazeera JournalistsBut only the foreign citizens.
  29. 3 Al Jazeera Journalists Convicted in EgyptAmnesty International calls the trial a sham.
  30. owl drama
    Don’t Challenge Drake on Ancient EgyptHe knows his hieroglyphics.
  31. U.S. Cuts Some Aid to Egypt, But Wants to ‘Maintain Our Relationship’They don’t expect an “immediate” change in Egypt.
  32. Egypt Can Expect Less U.S. Aid Soon, CNN Reports in Messy ScoopThis story broke painfully.
  33. Frank Rich on the National Circus: Even Neocons Disagree on Mideast InterventionThe Iraq consensus of yore is long gone.
  34. Egypt Considers Banning Muslim Brotherhood As Security Forces Storm MosqueMorsi’s supporters have vowed to continue demonstrating.
  35. More Disturbing Scenes From Egypt’s ‘Day of Rage’Photos and video from today’s protests.
  36. One Haunting Scene From the Carnage in EgyptThe United States is pretty much helpless. 
  37. Egypt Begins Clearing Pro-Morsi Sit-Ins, Killing ProtestersThe Muslim Brotherhood called the operation a “massacre.”
  38. Frank Rich on the National Circus: Obama Looks Lost in Egypt for a ReasonIraq.
  39. As More Violence Erupts in Egypt, the U.S. Tries to Stay Above the FrayThough it might have played a larger role than it’s letting on.
  40. John Kerry Caught Enjoying the Holiday Weekend During Egyptian CoupHe was “briefly” on his yacht.
  41. Egyptian President Kicked Out of Office in Military CoupThe military announced that new elections will be held. 
  42. Sexual Assault Rampant Among Egyptian ProtestersAt least 91 women have been assaulted in just four days. 
  43. Morsi Rejects Ultimatum As Military Unveils Plans to Oust HimIf the price of protecting legitimacy is my blood, I’m willing to pay it,” said Morsi.
  44. Egypt’s Military Gives President 48 Hours to Respond to Protesters, or ElseMillions have poured into the streets. 
  45. After One Year in Office, Millions Rally Against Egypt’s President MorsiNot a good sign.
  46. American Student Killed During Egyptian Protest Andrew Pochter was in Alexandria for the summer to teach English.
  47. Watch Jon Stewart on Egypt’s Daily ShowHe stopped by Al-Bernameg on his way to Iran.
  48. America’s Jon Stewart Defends ‘Egypt’s Jon Stewart’Bassem Youssef was arrested recently for insulting Islam and Egypt’s president.
  49. Egypt PM Blames Health Crisis on Dirty Breasts Who gave him the GOP’s book of offensive-to-women mad libs?
  50. Mohamed Morsi Prefers the Old Planet of the ApesHe makes sure to clarify amid a confusing metaphor.
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