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Election 2013

  1. Mayor Cory Booker Now Senator-Elect Cory BookerD.C. wants to know if he’ll be shoveling driveways there.
  2. Chris Christie Brutally Won a Niceness ContestDeploying charm for maximum destruction.
  3. Charles Hynes Will Run for D.A. As a Republican After AllIn a 180-degree flip.
  4. A Few NYC Voters Elect Letitia James Democratic Public Advocate CandidateA solid margin amid a low turnout.
  5. Charles Hynes May Run for DA Yet, As a RepublicanHe’s not not into it.
  6. Handsy Vito Lopez Predictably Lost His Comeback AttemptTo someone who didn’t resign in a cloud of sexual-harassment allegations.
  7. Spitzer’s First Campaign Ad Doesn’t Mention HimPronouns only!
  8. Brooklyn’s D.A. Snaps ‘You’re Rude,’ Overshadows More Reserved OpponentIssues, shmissues.
  9. Bill Thompson Will Run for Mayor in 2013Talk about your early announcements.