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  1. midterms
    The Late Show, The Daily Show, Late Night Will Go Live on Election NightWe’ll do it live!
  2. democratic donor drama
    Gillibrand Doesn’t Care If Dem Donors Are Mad About How She Handled Al Franken“If standing up for women who have been wronged makes George Soros mad, that’s on him.”
  3. tribeca tv festival
    Daily Show Producer Questioned Hiring Trevor Noah When He Said Trump Would WinAnd now he says Trump might get a second term.
  4. chat room
    Samantha Bee on the Women’s March on Washington“I hope it’s big, and I hope it feels great. I think it will.”
  5. party chats
    RuPaul on Donald Trump’s Election: ‘It Feels Like the Death of America’“I’m still so heartbroken over it.”
  6. Here’s What’s Going on With Recounts in Michigan, Wisconsin, and PennsylvaniaTrump supporters sued to block the recounts, though the audit has already started in Wisconsin.
  7. Lots of Americans Were Serious When They Said They Hated Both CandidatesNevada actually has a “none of the above” option.
  8. art
    This Post-Election Pain Is Good, At Least for ArtAlienation is the wellspring of art; in fact, feeling alone is often why you become an artist.
  9. chat room
    Michael Moore on Trump and The Bachelorette“You can choose to live in the country, or live in your bubble.”
  10. 2016 election
    How Every Swing-State TV Character Would Vote in the 2016 Presidential ElectionFrom Bloodline to Glee
  11. An Honest Concession Speech, by Asterios Kokkinos and Hana Michels My friends, we have come to the end of a long campaign. Although it’s not the result we wanted, the people have spoken. It was a hard fought […]
  12. childcare
    YMCA Offering Free Child Care in Some Locations for Election DayThe two-hour drop-off service will be available for kids from age 2 to 12.
  13. radio vulture
    The 2016 CMAs Were Quietly PoliticalThis year’s CMAs were a more delicate balancing act than other shows of its nature care to offer.
  14. last night on late night
    Seth Meyers Takes Closer Look at Election Panic[Silent screams.]
  15. roll clip!
    Weird Al Drops Presidential Debate VideoHe makes one hell of a Chris Wallace.
  16. we're doomed
    You Aren’t the Only One Having Panic Attacks About the ElectionTherapists across six states and Washington, D.C., say Americans are suffering from more anxiety due to the election and a potential Trump presidency.
  17. life imitates art
    The Very Uncomfortable Experience of Rewatching Election in 2016An ambitious woman and the angry men who want to stop her.
  18. election
    Linguists: Trump Uses a Lot of ‘Words That Don’t Carry Any Information’But how much of a candidate’s true self is contained in his or her speeches?
  19. Why You Should Watch the Conventions on Twitch, the Video Game-Streaming SiteThe game-streaming service provides an oddball lens for the proceedings.
  20. the body politic
    After Orlando, It’s Clearer Than Ever: This Election Is a Civil WarThe battle lines are being drawn.
  21. can u not
    Another Way White Men Are Ruining It for the Rest of UsThey’re overwhelmingly voting for Donald Trump.
  22. A Familiar Face Is About to Join the Race for President — Despite What He SaysSorry, Paul, we’re onto you.
  23. gender
    Having a Daughter Makes You More Likely to Support HillaryNot having one makes you less likely.
  24. Candidates Drew Straws in Tied Mississippi RaceThe Republican plans to appeal.
  25. Guatemala Elects a Right-Wing TV-Comedian PresidentNot corrupt, nor a thief” — but known for wearing blackface on TV.
  26. Rahm Emanuel Gets a Big Lead in the Polls Before Next Week’s ElectionBreaking: Incumbent has advantage.
  27. interview
    Claire McCaskill’s Stylish Daughters Talk Todd Akin, Huntsman Girls, and MoreA Q&A with election “style breakout stars” Maddie and Lily Esposito.
  28. GOP Launches Massive Review to Determine Why Romney LostThey want to tweak their “tactics and message,” not their philosophy.
  29. party lines
    Party Lines Slideshow: Judah Friedlander Knows Trucker Hats Are OverBut he’s still wearing them anyway. Don’t worry.
  30. Frankenfood
    Proposition 37 Defeated By 53% of California VotersThe opposition raised over $43 million to convince voters their grocery costs would sky-rocket.
  31. Deals
    50% Off Wine at The Churchill on Election NightThe deal could help to numb your fear.
  32. party chat
    Debbie Harry Blames Aliens for America’s Low IQ“I am scared sh-tless.”
  33. literally early and often
    Russians Are the Latest to Take Up iPhones in ProtestWe don’t know whether the election was dirtier than previous contests. We do know more people carried iPhones.
  34. The Agony of the GOP EstablishmentThe GOP Establishment is acting like parents warning their daughter not to marry the no-good boyfriend.
  35. party chat
    Matthew Broderick Kind of Liked That Alternate Election EndingAlthough, “Whatever got leaked is not quite the original script ending.”
  36. clickables
    Watch the Original, Lost Ending of ElectionNot present on any DVD, it was dug up via a VHS workprint sold at a garage sale.
  37. Scott Walker Prankster Ian Murphy on Running for Congress and Why Buffalo SucksNot your typical candidate, or your typical Q&A.