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Elijah Cummings

  1. The Pentagon Is Officially Investigating Michael Flynn Over Foreign PaymentsTrump’s former national security adviser was warned not to take money from foreign governments without getting permission. He did it anyway.
  2. Flynn Likely Broke Law in Accepting Russian Payments, Lawmakers SayBut the White House says it is “unable” to provide the House Oversight Committee with documents on payments Flynn accepted from foreign governments.
  3. Watch the Public Lashing of Michigan Governor Rick SnyderSnyder testified before Congress on Thursday. It didn’t go well.
  4. early and awesome
    Representative Elijah Cummings Steels Himself for Bank of America’s CEO PickHopefully it’s not that chump Brian Moynihan.
  5. the greatest depression
    Elijah Cummings Wants Ken Lewis to Be More Open About His Feelings“Don’t let US tell you how you feel. Tell us how YOU felt.”
  6. aig
    Oh, Did AIG Say They Paid $120 Million in Bonuses? They Actually Meant $454 MillionTheir bad!