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Embattled Minorities

  1. And As for ‘Too-Hot-for-Citigroup’ Banker Debrahlee Lorenzana ...She hasn’t changed a thing about the form-fitting outfits or high heels that she says bosses told her to quit wearing.”
  2. Shocker: Lawyer in Too-Hot Banker Case Has a Seamy PastA slave collar is involved.
  3. Debrahlee Lorenzana Hires Tough-Talking Lady Lawyer Gloria AllredAnother development we would have never predicted!
  4. Discovery Channel Cashes In on Tits on a StickDebrahlee Lorenzana’s epsiode of ‘Plastic Surgery New York Style’ will air this weekend.
  5. embattled minorities
    Debrahlee Lorenzana: ‘I Want to Be Tits on a Stick’We all have dreams.
  6. Chase Customer Comes to Defense of Hot BankerIf Chase fires her, I will stop banking with them,” says high-profile customer.
  7. Debrahlee Lorenzana: ‘Enough Is Enough’The banker turned advocate for good-looking people’s rights speaks out.
  8. Debrahlee Lorenzana Now Too Much Woman For JP Morgan ChaseIf she doesn’t stop talking about how hot she is, the former Citigroup banker may be fired from her new gig.
  9. Citigroup Customers Speak Out on Too-Hot EmployeeHer beauty actually WAS distracting.