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Season 5 of Showtime’s ‘Episodes’ Will Be Its Last

Matt LeBlanc's Showtime comedy Episodes won't be returning for a sixth season. According to TV Line, its seven-episode fifth season, which is set to begin production next week and premiere sometime in 2017, will be its last. "We have had the [...]

By Megh Wright

How Showtime Became the New Source for Black Comedy

Do you laugh when a kid falls down? Does Law & Order SVU make you snicker? Do you find it funny when a UCLA student goes on an anti-Asian rant the week of the Japanese earthquake? Then you should probably be watching Showtime. Black comedy [...]

By Joey Slamon

Episodes Recap: ‘Episode Seven’

It marked the end of the season for Episodes last night. It also marked the first episode where I actually liked the main character. Like a movie that doesn’t make sense till the last five minutes, it took seven episodes of this show for me to [...]

By Joey Slamon

Episodes Recap: ‘Episode Six’

Infidelity! Car Wrecks! Break-Ups! Deception! All seen in last nights episode of Episodes. Combining genres is a tricky business. And it’s particularly difficult with comedies. Shameless, Parenthood and Nurse Jackie combine comedy and drama [...]

By Joey Slamon

Episodes Recap: ‘Episode Five’

It’s hard to make rape, ocular blindness and infidelity particularly funny, but the most recent episode of Episodes proved to be the funniest yet. Perhaps it’s because audiences have come to accept the more uncomfortable brand of humor, like [...]

By Joey Slamon

Episodes Recap: ‘Episode Four’

“I’m fucking full of whimsy.” Matt LeBlanc utters this line in defense of a Peter Pan reference he makes while drunk. What’s ironic about this dialogue is that Matt LeBlanc in Episodes really is whimsical. It’s his playful character choices [...]

By Joey Slamon

Episodes Recap: ‘Episode Three’

I’d like to take a moment to apologize. I’ve avoided a huge, glaring issue about Episodes for the past two weeks in hopes that it would go away. But I simply can’t do it anymore. The two main characters of the show, Sean and Beverly Lincoln, [...]

By Joey Slamon

Episodes Recap: Episode 2

Matt LeBlanc is on a show! I wouldn’t have admitted it after the pilot episode of Episodes aired last week with a mere minute of airtime for LeBlanc. But in the second show, Matt finally shows up. And he’s not that bad; in fact, he may be the [...]

By Joey Slamon

HBO vs. Showtime: Battle of the Premium Cable Comedies

Earlier this week, Showtime aired the premieres of Californication, now in its fourth season, and the brand new show Episodes. For years, the network barely bothered with comedy, but lately, with the rise of HBO, they’ve been trying to make [...]

By Joshua Kurp

Episodes Recap: Pilot

Pilots are hard. Especially comedy pilots, and I do not envy those who have to write them. You have half an hour to win over an increasingly picky audience, explain the entire premise of your show, set up every character’s back story and be [...]

By Joey Slamon

Rough Reviews for Showtime’s Episodes

I had high hopes for Episodes based on the initial trailer, but Alan Sepinwall's review over at Hitfix doesn't bode well for Showtime's new comedy series: "When you're attacking a big, fat target like the superficial, duplicitous nature of [...]

By Adam Frucci