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Equal Rites

  1. equal rites
    Judge Strikes Down Oregon’s Same-Sex Marriage BanCouples began marrying immediately.
  2. equal rites
    Judge Strikes Down Idaho’s Same-Sex Marriage BanGay couples may be able to wed on Friday.
  3. equal rites
    Hagel Is ‘Open’ to Reviewing Transgender BanThey’re currently banned from serving.
  4. equal rites
    Watch Michael Sam’s Emotional Reaction to Being Drafted by the RamsHe’s the first openly gay player to be drafted into the NFL.
  5. equal rites
    Same-Sex Weddings Begin in ArkansasProgress continues its march South.
  6. equal rites
    The World’s First Openly Gay Episcopal Bishop Is Getting Divorced It can really happen to anyone.
  7. equal rites
    Chad Griffin, Jo Becker, and Marriage EqualityOr does Jo Becker’s new book, Forcing the Spring, give him too much credit?
  8. life in ohio
    Ohio Will Recognize Gay MarriageJust those performed in other states, for now.
  9. equal rites
    Same-Sex Marriage Is Now a Reality in England and WalesThe first couples tied the knot right after midnight on Friday.
  10. equal rites
    Michigan’s Ban on Gay Marriage Also UnconstitutionalThe latest to fall.
  11. equal rites
    Even Texas’s(!) Gay-Marriage Ban Ruled UnconstitutionalState bans are dropping like flies.
  12. equal rites
    City Council Won’t March in St. Patrick’s Day Parade EitherAlong with the mayor.
  13. Guardian Misidentified Patrick Stewart As GayWhat else would you expect?
  14. equal rites
    Judge Strikes Down Virginia’s Gay Marriage BanThough the weddings can’t start just yet.
  15. international news
    Russia Makes Its Anti-Gay Policies International With Expanded Adoption BanNo adoptions by single people in countries that allow gay marriage.
  16. equal rites
    Vegas Wedding Chapels Will Soon Officiate All Ill-Advised MarriagesNevada gives up the fight to ban gay marriage.
  17. equal rites
    Justice Dept. to Give Gay Couples Equal RightsThat means the right to decline to testify against a spouse and to file for bankruptcy together.
  18. equal rites
    De Blasio to Sit Out St. Patrick’s Day ParadeThe first mayoral absence in twenty years.
  19. equal rites
    Virginia Attorney General Supports Gay MarriageA change of course.
  20. equal rites
    United States Will Recognize Marriages of Utah’s Same-Sex Newlyweds The state will not.
  21. equal rites
    Supreme Court Stops Gay Marriage in Utah for NowThe state’s decision is on pause during an appeal.
  22. equal rites
    Utah Better Get Used to the Idea of Gay Marriage, Like, NowAnother federal judge struck down another ban.
  23. equal rites
    New Mexico Becomes the 16th State to Legalize Gay MarriageThis is happening a lot these days. 
  24. diplomacy
    Obamas, Biden ‘Too Busy’ for Winter OlympicsU.S. delegation happens to include gay athletes.
  25. family feuds
    Dick Cheney Suprised Daughter Was ‘Attacked’ Just for Dissing Sister’s MarriageHe doesn’t care if Liz started it.
  26. equal rites
    Cardinal Dolan Says Catholic Church Has Been ‘Out-Marketed’ on Gay Marriage “It’s a tough battle.”
  27. family feuds
    Just to Clarify, Mary Cheney Is ‘Not Supporting’ Her Sister’s Candidacy“I’m registered in Virginia not Wyoming.” Burn.
  28. equal rites
    Gay Marriage Is Legal in Illinois Now, TooThe sixteenth state to make it so.
  29. Liz Cheney Still Doesn’t Believe in Gay MarriageSo Mary called her out on Facebook.
  30. equal rites
    Hawaii Now a Destination for Same-Sex Weddings, TooTwenty years after making gay marriage a national issue.
  31. equal rites
    Illinois Lawmakers Vote to Legalize Gay MarriagePresident Obama says he’s “overjoyed.”
  32. equal rites
    Sandra Day O’Connor Drops by Supreme Court to Perform Same-Sex WeddingNot a bad victory lap.
  33. stoners
    Support for Weed Legalization Outpacing Support for Gay MarriageWeed and gay marriage in one graph. 
  34. equal rites
    Chris Christie Celebrating First Day of N.J. Gay Marriage by Calling Off AppealRINO!
  35. equal rites
    Scenes From New Jersey’s First Same-Sex WeddingsAt midnight, Cory Booker started marrying people at Newark City Hall.
  36. equal rites
    Gay Marriages Are On for Monday in New JerseyThe state’s highest court says go for it.
  37. New Jersey Tentatively Planning Same-Sex Weddings for This MonthJudge refuses to stay her decision.
  38. equal rites
    Republicans Still Comparing Gay Marriage to IncestThis time, Governor Tom Corbett of Pennsylvania.
  39. Chris Christie Cuts to the Chase in Fighting New Jersey Gay MarriageAppeals ruling directly to the state Supreme Court.
  40. equal rites
    Gay Marriage Now Legal in New Jersey, Sort of, Not ReallyA judge did rule that gay marriage must be legalized, but it will be appealed. 
  41. equal rites
    George H.W. Bush Served As Witness at a Lesbian WeddingWith the exception of W., the Bushes seem fine with gay marriage.
  42. equal rites
    The Cheney Sisters Are Having a Disagreement Mary Cheney says Liz is “dead wrong” on gay marriage.
  43. equal rites
    Ruth Bader Ginsburg Will Officiate Her First Gay Wedding TonightThe judge will marry Kennedy Center president Michael M. Kaiser and his fiancé.
  44. equal rites
    Liz Cheney Doesn’t Think Her Sister Should Be Allowed to Get MarriedThat’s cold. 
  45. happy things
    WWE Wrestler Casually Comes Out During TMZ Airport InterviewNo big deal.
  46. papacy
    Pope Francis on Gay Priests: ‘Who Am I to Judge?’Inching toward progress.
  47. equal rites
    Larry Kramer Got Married in His Hospital BedCongrats.
  48. equal rites
    Gay Spouses Are Getting an Estate Tax Refund From New York Thanks to the recent Supreme Court case.
  49. equal rites
    Pennsylvania Sued Over Gay-Marriage BanThe ACLU quotes from the Supreme Court’s recent decision.
  50. equal rites
    After DOMA: Gay Couples Look to the FutureThere’s much to be done, from financial planning to immigration paperwork.
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