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Eric Adams

  1. Mailman Cuffed for Criticizing Cops’ DrivingAdd “road rage while black” to the list of punishable offenses.  
  2. borough presidents
    Brooklyn’s Borough President Race Is Now Just One GuyState Senator Eric Adams is fine with it.
  3. nypd blues
    Ray Kelly Denies Admitting Stop-and-Frisk Targets MinoritiesSays state senator’s testimony is “absolutely, categorically untrue.”
  4. shootings
    Ray Kelly Would Rather Not Walk the Streets Without a Gun, Thank YouThe NYPD commissioner has turned down an invitation from a politician to tour Brooklyn neighborhoods.
  5. public service announcements
    State Senator Demonstrates How to Snoop Through Your Kid’s Room“A small caliber weapon could be hidden inside a jewelry box.”
  6. just pants
    Russell Simmons Thinks the Anti-Sagging-Pants Campaign Is a ‘Waste of Time’A Sean John executive doesn’t like it either.
  7. sagging
    Brooklyn Politician Cracks Down on Sagging Epidemic“You can raise your level of respect if you raise your pants.”
  8. the cuddle muddle
    At Least One New York Black Leader Paints Paterson Downfall in Racial Terms“As an African-American who knows this nation’s history, I can understand it.”
  9. the third terminator
    Bloomberg: I’m a UniterBut Dems are still mad.