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    Why Would Google’s Ex-CEO Predict a Separate Chinese Internet?Let’s put on our tinfoil hats and read too much into what Eric Schmidt had to say about China and the future of the internet.
  2. Eric Schmidt Steps Down From Leading GoogleHe’ll remain as a technical adviser though.
  3. Tech Leaders Cucked by God-Emperor TrumpGovernment technology is bad, and the White House wants you to think they can fix it.
  4. the most important people in the world
    Wendi Deng ‘Note’: Google CEO So Much Uglier Than Tony BlairRupert Murdoch’s looks were not evaluated.
  5. people who have more money than you
    Inside Google Chairman Eric Schmidt’s Lavish Sex PalaceSchmidt reportedly brings ladies back to this $15 million pad. 
  6. Stephen Colbert Explains the Internet to Google’s Eric SchmidtIt’s “a series of tubes.”
  7. Google’s Eric Schmidt Feigns Interest in North Korean Computer LabNobody knows why he’s there, still.
  8. Google Exec to Briefly Be the Second-Most Powerful Chairman in North KoreaHe’s taking a little trip.
  9. Larry Page, Eric Schmidt, and James Cameron Are Going to Mine Asteroids NowIntroducing Planetary Resources Inc. 
  10. Mr. Schmidt Goes to WashingtonGoogle’s chairman will testify before the Senate antitrust committee today.
  11. Google’s Eric Schmidt Tries to Get Tina Fey to Ditch Her iPhoneHe botches “I want to go to there.”
  12. What Do Rahm Emanuel, Vice Magazine, and Sean Parker Have in Common?A boutique bank called Raine.
  13. Eric Schmidt Asked Google to Make a Political Donation UnsearchableAw, Eric. We’ll miss you too.
  14. Exclusive IMs Between President Obama and Mark ZuckerbergImaginary IMs.
  15. The New Robber Barons: Google and Apple Go the Way of Standard Oil [Updated]How the tech industry is like a game of Monopoly.
  16. Microsoft Tries to Give Google a Taste of Its Own Antitrust MedicineHow do you like them apples?
  17. Google’s Eric Schmidt Thinks He’d Make an Excellent Talk-Show HostWe agree!
  18. Eric Schmidt Handed a $100 Million Equity AwardThis is highly unusual, even among rich people.
  19. For Larry Page, a How-to-Fix-Google ListNo. 4: Consider a Personality Transplant
  20. Google’s Triumvirate Is Dead: Larry Takes OverEric Schmidt is out as CEO and Larry Page is back in.
  21. Google Plans to Give All of Its Employees a 10 Percent RaiseAs the threat from Facebook increases, 23,000 workers get salary increases.
  22. In Defense of Google and FacebookLet’s cut Mark Zuckerberg and Eric Schmidt a little slack.
  23. Google Donates $5 Million to Digital JournalismAnd an apology.
  24. CNN Edits Out Google CEO Saying People Who Don’t Like Street View ‘Can Just Move’That was very thoughtful of you, CNN.
  25. Google CEO Would Like to Remind You How Important Your Disappearing Privacy Really IsThere’s a reason why private thoughts were invented by generations before us.”
  26. Google’s CEO Says He Likes to Sidle ‘Right Up to the Creepy Line’We’ve been so wrong about Eric Schmidt.
  27. Google CEO Eric Schmidt Wants to Augment Your HumanityYour humanity gets an upgrade.
  28. S#*! Your Google CEO SaysGoogle CEO Eric Schmidt has been going off script. Very far off script.
  29. New Anti-Google Ads Make CEO Eric Schmidt Look Like a Serial KillerAnimated Eric Schmidt is giving us the creeps.
  30. Google Weighs Down Employees With Wads of Cash to Stop the Exodus to FacebookA $500,000 cash bonus to stay for a year.
  31. Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt, Finds You Woefully Unprepared for the Impending RevolutionBe afraid, be very afraid.