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  1. high school
    Unpacking the Strangest Scene in Esquire’s Cover StoryWhat was up with those songs Ryan and his classmates sang?
  2. the other critics
    Here’s Esquire’s List of the Best New Restaurants in AmericaNew York highlights include Atomix, Don Angie, and Misi.
  3. the other critics
    Here’s Esquire’s List of the Best Bars in AmericaFeaturing the George Washington Bar, Brothers and Sisters, and others.
  4. the other critics
    Here’s Esquire’s List of the Best New Restaurants in AmericaIncluding Felix Trattoria, the Grill and Pool, Olmsted, and more.
  5. ‘Spy’ Magazine Is Back for the Final Month of the Presidential CampaignSpy magazine has made a glorious but limited return to cover the election. Spy co-founder Kurt Andersen announced today that the magazine has […]
  6. clint eastwood
    Esquire’s September Issue Features Old White Guy’s Racist OpinionsClint Eastwood has a lot to say about the “pussy generation.”
  7. Why Esquire Took Down That Funny @ProfJeffJarvis PostBecause even good satire doesn’t work on the web.
  8. George Clooney Knows He’s the Dumb One in His RelationshipHe says he feels “like an idiot” talking to his wife, Amal. 
  9. bringing sexy back?
    Emilia Clarke Says Her Hotness Is Thanks to Photoshopping and VodkaSame. 
  10. bros on bros on bros
    Why Best Bars in America Isn’t ReturningPouring one out for Sean Patton and Jay Larson.
  11. revolving door
    David Granger Out at Esquire; Jay Fielden to Take OverFielden was previously the EIC of Town & Country.
  12. quotables
    Some Recommended Reading for Men, Courtesy of Jennifer EganJust a few additions to that Esquire list.
  13. Lists
    Here’s Esquire’s List of the Best New Restaurants in AmericaThe list includes Shaya from New Orleans, Townsman in Boston, and New York’s Shuko and Little Park.
  14. accolades
    Men Congratulate Sexy Woman for Also Having a PersonalityOh, we’re still doing this?
  15. deal breakers
    Miles Teller: Such a DisappointmentHe told Esquire all about his beer tattoo.
  16. Lists
    Esquire Names America’s Best New Restaurants for 2014Brooklyn’s Take Root is “an oasis of passion, a crack in the rock of a cynical world.”
  17. the sexiest living beings on earth now
    The Sexiest Beings Alive Today Are Penélope Cruz and Testosterone-Jacked BullsReporting from Esquire.
  18. ding-dong watch
    Meet 2 Men Who Feel Entitled to Weigh in on Women’s HotnessHow many 42-year-old women would say the same about them?
  19. contests for normal people
    Find Out If You Are Normal for a GuyEsquire has all the answers.
  20. Lists
    Esquire Names America’s Best Restaurants for 2013Critic John Mariani likes Betony the best.
  21. gender studies
    What Does Manhood Mean in 2013?No one’s sure, but that’s okay.
  22. Navel Gazing
    John Mariani Says Modernist Cooking Is Over, Despite Plenty of Evidence to theEven he can’t believe this drivel.
  23. George Lois on Rolling Stone Boston Bomber CoverThe legendary Esquire art director is having none of it.
  24. help me
    Can Men Worry About ‘Having It All’ Too?“Leaning in” makes me feel anxious. And that’s too bad.
  25. The Bronx
    Esquire Critic John Mariani Attacks Brooklyn, Calls Belmont NewThe magazine critic is wrong about the Bronx, but he also happens to be correct.
  26. lads will be lads
    British Esquire Admits It’s Not Interested in Women’s BrainsNext time, just lie.
  27. Bin Laden Shooter Is Eligible for Health Care, But It Sucks [Updated]That’s a different story,” Esquire writer says.
  28. The Man Who Shot Osama Bin Laden Prefers to Call Him ‘Poopyface’ It’s a bad name, a curse name.”
  29. Esquire Network to Be ‘An Upscale Bravo for Men’Welcome to the new inception of G4.
  30. fake girlfriends
    If Esquire Defended Manti Te’o’s GirlfriendFake girlfriends are the new Megan Fox.
  31. bravery
    Esquire Boldly Argues in Favor of Hot ChicksMegan Fox profile laments, “Women no longer need to be beautiful.”
  32. strange bedfellows
    G4 May Rebrand Itself As an Esquire ChannelThey’re looking at jumping into bed with the men’s mag.
  33. Dough
    ‘Roberto Donna Bailout’ Site Launched in Response to EsquireThey’re trying to raise half a million dollars on PayPal.
  34. Accolades
    Sbraga and Little Fish Named on ‘Best’ Lists; Osteria andSbraga earns high marks for great food and reasonable prices.
  35. Lists
    L.A. Scores a Hat-Trick in Esquire’s ‘Best New Restaurants’ ListAnother three this year for some veteran chefs with their own projects.
  36. Lists
    Read What John Mariani Has to Say About State Bird and AQThere’s also a shout-out to Adam Mali at Brasserie S&P.
  37. person of interest
    The Norma Rae of Fashion InternsMeet Diana Wang, the unpaid intern suing Harper’s Bazaar.
  38. Accolades
    Vetri Culinary Juggernaut Rolls Into Bon Appetit; Nighttime Is theVetri, and one of his proteges gets named, and the Khyber owners are kings of late night.
  39. What Makes Something ‘Men’s Fiction’?So manly. So fictional.
  40. loose threads
    Vogue’s Easter Bunnies; ‘Tacky’ Celebrity EndorsementsPlus, Giorgio Armani shows off his new hotel, Vibram defends their running shoes, and more fashion news.
  41. Chinese Esquire Loves Anyone Who Pays Them ToApparently good press is easy to come by, if a bit expensive.
  42. celebrity profiles
    The Ten Most Absurd Lines from Esquire’s Jon Hamm Profile“He is eagle poetry.”
  43. quotables
    Irina Shayk Has No Plans to Pose for Playboy“Yes, I am a lingerie model, but I have class.”
  44. Lists
    Predict All You Want, L.A. Chefs Are Already Ahead of the CurveSetting the trends before they’re trends.
  45. Menus
    Playa Looks Into John Sedlar’s Past with Retrospective MenuThe chef is preparing a five-course menu that follows his career from his teenage years to his current projects.
  46. loose threads
    Elie Tahari Saves Catherine Malandrino; Rachel Zoe Attributes Her Thirteen Suitcases to Baby SkylerAlso, Andrej Pejic posed as Marilyn Monroe.
  47. Mediavore
    Local Farmers Reach Out to Pumpkin Growers Elsewhere to Fill Orders; Dud SpudsPlus: ‘Esquire’ releases a manly cookbook; and Wendy’s spent two years developing its latest burger roll out, all in our morning news roundup.
  48. Quote of the Day
    Don’t You Know Who I Am?’Esquire’ ‘Rules for Men’ addresses dining and dialing, among other foodie topics.
  49. Esquire Tries Lighthearted Approach to Alleged DSK Rape, FailsWell, this was a bad decision.
  50. Foodievents
    John Mariani Hosts Five-Courses at CulinaWe’d love to see the scribe head east fo La Cienega ourselves, but what are you going to do?
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