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  1. cruel and unusual punishment
    Arizona Execution Lasts 2 Hours, Inmate Was Reportedly ‘Gasping and Snorting’ Though state officials insist he was just snoring.
  2. Court Delays Arizona Execution Over Drug SourceFor the first time, a circuit court ruled in the inmate’s favor on drug secrecy.
  3. Inmates Put to Death for First Time Since Botched Execution [Updated]In Georgia and Missouri.
  4. death penalty
    Supreme Court Puts Missouri Execution on Hold IndefinitelyThe issue will be decided by a lower court.
  5. death penalty
    Missouri Inmate’s Execution Halted by Supreme Court Justice at Final HourOver a rare condition that may cause undue suffering.
  6. cruel and unusual punishment
    Oklahoma Delays Execution for 6 Months After Botched Lethal InjectionCharles Warner was scheduled to be executed hours after Clayton Lockett.
  7. criminal justice
    Oklahoma Botches One Inmate’s Execution, Postpones AnotherAfter being declared unconscious, he tried to get up.
  8. osama bin killed
    Was Bin Laden’s Capture Then Death a Straight-Up Execution?Obama: “After a firefight, they killed Osama bin Laden and took custody of his body.”
  9. Icons
    Ronald McDonald Guillotined, Abductor Roams FreeThe Food Liberation Army has Ronald’s blood on its hands.
  10. Icons
    Ronald McDonald to Face Execution on February 11On Thursday, Ronald McDonald may die.
  11. justice
    Did California Try to Rush an Execution Before Its Sodium Thiopental Expired?It certainly looks like it.