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Can't We Just Blame Everyone?

• With Bloomberg's congestion-pricing plan dead, the finger-pointing begins in earnest. Mayor Mike decries Albany's lack of "guts" while state officials accuse the mayor of springing a fully formed proposal on them at the last possible moment. [NYT]

Andrew Cuomo, Sheriff of Greenpoint

• The toxic oil puddle under Greenpoint (which is, we'll remind you, larger than the Exxon Valdez spill) has spent years as one of New York's most esoteric horror stories. Finally, in a big move by new AG Andrew Cuomo, the state is taking Exxon Mobil to court over it. Four other companies are also targeted for dragging their feet on the cleanup. Awesome. [NYT] • That was fast: Starrett City, the nation's largest subsidized-housing complex, changed hands, going for the price we mentioned — just not to the bidder we mentioned. Clipper Equity swooped right in, picking up the megaproperty for $1.3 billion. [NYDN] • Social conservatives are piling on Rudy Giuliani in earnest, decrying his anti-gun, pro-abortion, pro-gay union stance in direct mailings and other "material." One would think they'd let the train wreck play out by itself. [amNY] • And brand-new State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli has a great Day One case on his desk: One of the office's employees was arrested for public masturbation. This is, mind you, one month to a day after a security guard at the same office got caught exposing himself to kids. Must be an exciting place to work. [NYP]