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Eye Of Newt

  1. Is This the Most Gingrichian Moment Ever?Gingrich at petting a zoo while wearing Google Glass. 
  2. Newt Gingrich Thinks We Should Call Cell Phones ... Something Else For unclear reasons.
  3. eye of newt
    Newt Gingrich Was Emotionally Ravaged by Lady Sybil’s Death“We loved Sybil, and in some ways her loss was even deeper than Matthew’s.” 
  4. Newt Gingrich Stays Up Late Into the Night Watching Downton AbbeyOne night last week we were up until two in the morning.”
  5. GOP’s All-White, All-Male House Leadership Bothers Newt Gingrich TooHe’s been having so many epiphanies lately!
  6. Newt Gingrich Laments Lack of Billionaire Buddies on the Colbert ReportHaving one absurdly wealthy friend isn’t enough these days.
  7. Newt Gingrich: Romney’s Space Plan Doesn’t Boldly Go AnywhereCertainly not to his beloved moon colony.
  8. Gingrich Deciphers Bill’s Anti-Obama Message It went right over our heads!
  9. Gingrich Apologizes for Suggesting He Has the ‘Eye of the Tiger’Otherwise, he and Rocky Balboa are basically the same person.
  10. Newt Gingrich Finally Releases His DelegatesWith just six days to spare.
  11. Newt Gingrich Tweet of the DayHairy armadillos.
  12. Newt Gingrich Describes His Favorite Zoo AnimalsFavorite snake — go!
  13. Gingrich’s Presidential Campaign Bad for CareerWait, so then what was the point of the whole thing?
  14. Newt Gingrich Says Good-bye With Most Gingrich-y Speech EverA look back at his farewell speech, and his hilarious campaign.
  15. Newt’s Done Running, Not Done Shooting for the MoonHis quixotic good-bye.
  16. Newt Is Probably Without Security Detail By NowIt was a wild ride.
  17. Newt Gingrich Dropping Out (Eventually)He’s technically waiting until Tuesday.
  18. Gingrich May Exit Race This WeekDepending on how he fares in Delaware.
  19. Sad Newt Gingrich Campaign Update of the DayIf we do win Delaware, it will break up the media narrative.”
  20. Penguin Attacks Newt Gingrich’s Last Shred of DignityGingrich suffered a penguin bite at a zoo.
  21. Newt Gingrich Saved by Secret Service Detail From a college newspaper reporter. 
  22. Newt Gingrich May Be in Danger of Looking Foolish, Aides WorryCampaign drama.
  23. Delusional Gingrich Donors Haven’t Given Up HopeWhy should he drop out?”
  24. Gingrich Campaign Bounces a CheckTampa, here we come!
  25. Gingrich Willing to Support RomneyAlso, the two candidates are totally cool with one another.
  26. Gingrich Health-Care Think Tank Files for BankruptcyNo Gingrich. No chance.
  27. Newt Gingrich Is Having His Best Afternoon in a WhileHe’s at the zoo.
  28. Gingrich Campaign Begins Charging $50 for Photos With NewtThis is a veritable bargain, if you ask Gingrich’s campaign manager.
  29. People Really Don’t Like Callista GingrichIs it the hair?
  30. Primary Day Already a Disaster for Newt GingrichA trip to the Birmingham Zoo was canceled “as a precaution after reviewing weather reports.”
  31. What’s at Stake in Alabama and Mississippi: Not Much!Except Ron Paul! Sorry, Ron Paul!
  32. Mitt Romney Clinches Key Endorsement in Must-Win State for GingrichIn Mississippi, whose GOP primary is next Tuesday.
  33. Newt Gingrich Says He’s a Tortoise, Not a Bunny RabbitAnd he refuses to go back into his shell.
  34. Newt Gingrich Is So Tired of the Republican RaceNo, really. He’s just napping his way through it.
  35. Newt Gingrich Won’t Cast Primary VoteHis preferred candidate, Newt Gingrich, failed to make the ballot in Gingrich’s home state of Virginia. 
  36. Newt Gingrich Pretends He Is Not Also Filthy RichHe attacked Mitt Romney’s wealth again. 
  37. Newt Gingrich, High-School Con ArtistA classmate remembers the time Gingrich stole his Native American artifact. 
  38. Guess Who Said This Megalomanical Thing?Or is it a noble thing?
  39. Billionaire Gave More Money to Gingrich Super PACRumored as much as $10 million.
  40. Why Are We So Obsessed With Old Photos of Presidential Candidates?Even the ones where they don’t look like Dwight Schrute?
  41. Meanwhile, Yesterday, Newt Gingrich Fed a PandaIs he in it just for the zoos?
  42. This Newt Gingrich Interview Will Give You a Mental Image You Can Never UnseeYou’ve been warned.
  43. NYU Girls for Newt GingrichPerhaps the GOP candidate’s youth appeal has been underestimated.
  44. Gingrich in Nevada Last Night: Romney Is the ‘George Soros-Approved’ CandidateVows “we will go to Tampa” and fight the whole way there.
  45. NYT: ‘Rumors Swirl’ About Gingrich WithdrawalGingrich spokesperson: NYT “unfit for print.”
  46. Newt Gingrich: Trampolines, Not Safety Nets, for PoorSo what poor children need is to do janitorial work while bouncing on trampolines.
  47. Everyone Agrees, Romney’s Going to Dominate in Nevada Tonight [Updated]And early caucus results seem to be bearing that out.
  48. Survivor Front Man Dave Bickler Gets Revenge on Newt GingrichHe sang the words to one of Gingrich’s books to the tune of “Eye of the Tiger.”
  49. Gingrich to Challenge Florida’s Winner-Take-All Primary ResultsHis campaign will argue that the state’s 50 delegates should be divided proportionately.
  50. Mitt Romney Has Something Against Holocaust Survivors NowThis line of attack is getting pretty slimy.
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