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Face Tattoos

  1. justin bieber
    Justin Bieber Got a Face Tattoo, So That’s GreatCan you Beliebe it?
  2. Gangbusters
    A Restaurant Called Bombshells Refused Service to a Customer With a Face TattooThis is a place that sells “Waterboarding” and “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” shots.
  3. election 2016
    Q&A: Face Tattoo Guy Isn’t Psyched About MittHe’s not feeling the Mittmentum. 
  4. face tattoos
    Zoe Saldana’s Husband Tattooed Her Face on His ArmThe couple that inks together…
  5. face tattoos
    So Lil Wayne Tattooed the Word Baked on His FaceIt’s about skateboarding though. Allegedly.
  6. Man With Romney Tattoo on Face Is ‘Disappointed’Not a Ryan-Rubio presidential ticket.
  7. clickables
    Here’s Mike Tyson Holding a Baby With a Matching Face TattooMaybe the kid’s just really into pigeons?
  8. Life Doesn’t Get Better After You Get a Forehead TattooHe probably avoids mirrors.