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Facial Hair

  1. scrumtrillescent
    James Lipton’s Fake Beard Is Next in Line for Inside the Actors Studio TreatmentIt was a fake all this time. We feel so betrayed!
  2. beauty marks
    Breaking: Men Wear Facial Hair Because It Makes Them Feel Special“It’s rebellious but playful at the same time,” says one beard expert.
  3. beauty marks
    Health-Care Bill Includes Taxing Cosmetic Surgeries; Zac Efron Reveals Hair SecretsPlus, a ‘Twilight’ star had to wear a wig after a bad bleaching experience.
  4. todd-al domination
    Chuck Todd Pulls a Chin-Fake, Keeps GoateeAnd God saw that it was good.
  5. todd-al domination
    Chuck Todd’s Goatee Is Not Really in DangerDespite a wager with firebrand Jake Tapper, Chuck Todd will likely remain the hirsute genius we know him as today.
  6. the cuddle muddle
    Governor Paterson’s Facial Hair Is No MoreThe mustache is gone. So is the old Paterson.
  7. todd-al domination
    Chuck Todd to Write the Greatest Book EverWe assume.
  8. joaquin phoenix
    Fake Joaquins De Rigueur at Awards ShowsBy the time Casey Affleck’s silly mockumentary about Joaquin Phoenix’s fake rap career finally gets released, how played out will the joke be? Probably pretty played out!
  9. beauty marks
    FDA Slacks on Lipstick Lead Tests; Brad Pitt Now a Lipstick SculptureAnd Sharon Osbourne admits to plastic surgery on everything except her eyes and lips.
  10. Absurdity
    Beard AwardsWhich bartender has the best beard?
  11. beauty marks
    Plastic Surgery Down; Get Madonna’s Stage MakeupAlso, mustaches will never be sexy, and Stila’s new talking eye shadow comes out this week.
  12. Top Chef
    ‘Top Chef’ Video Bios: Out With the ‘Faux’-hawks, inWhy are so many of this year’s cheftestants sporting the “insidious chin garnish”?
  13. the sports section
    Jason Giambi’s Mustache: Already OverhypedThe Yankees are pushing for Giambi to get into the All-Star Game, and their main strategy is all ‘stache.
  14. video look book
    Designer Solomon Eversol: Champion of the Handlebar MustacheIn the latest installment of the Video Look Book, reporter Nicole Hunt catches up with Solomon Eversol, a designer who’s discovered a whole society of people who have handlebar mustaches just like him! In addition to his natty facial hair, Solomon’s sporting a cool makeshift ascot made from a seventies tie and a signet ring scored from eBay, and apparently there’s a story behind that one. Best to let him explain — watch for more.
  15. strike zone
    Late-Night Shows to Return? Letterman to Shave?With the increasing likelihood that the writers’ strike will last forever, the late-night hosts may be secretly plotting their return.
  16. overnights
    ‘Heroes’: Nathan Is Dissolute, Peter Has Disappeared, and Hiro Is DisappointedNathan Petrelli’s beard is a masterpiece.