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  1. The Fidget Spinner Craze Is Already OverOr it’s about to be, at least. That’s just the life cycle of any fad.
  2. Fads
    Bulletproof Coffee Somehow Raised $9 Million in FundingAren’t people over butter in their coffee?
  3. fads
    You Don’t Need This ‘High Protein’ NonsenseFast-food companies doing their thing, capitalizing on a rising fad. 
  4. the internet
    Ello and the High-Speed Hype Cycle of a New Social NetworkFor a day or so, everyone was obsessed with the site that promises to be the “anti-Facebook.”
  5. turtle power never dies
    Watch a Video About the Bizarre History of the Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesWatch our three-minute whirlwind TMNT retrospective.
  6. This Video Will Finally Explain to You WTF Gluten IsLet’s bring some sense to the social contagion that is “going gluten-free.”
  7. fads
    Gaga and Beyoncé Tie Mariah’s Record With ‘Telephone’Gaga is also adding a second leg to her Monster’s Ball tour.
  8. fads
    This Decade’s One-Hit Wonders Don’t Exactly Stack Up to Those of Other DecadesA “Bad Day”? Pshaw. More like a bad decade!
  9. fads
    Lady Gaga Is the New Ace of BaseAll that she wants is another album.