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Family Separation

  1. Reuniting Families Separated at the Border Won’t Be EasyThe Trump administration has no plan for bringing together parents and the children taken away from them.
  2. the national interest
    Real-life Stephen Miller Now Creepier Than Onion Parody VersionTrump’s immigration adviser “enjoys” the suffering of the children.
  3. Is Trump Actually Going to Do Anything About Family Separation?Fear of looking “weak” has apparently paralyzed POTUS on what is becoming a true political crisis for him.
  4. Protesters Crash Kirstjen Nielsen’s Dinner at a Mexican RestaurantPublicly, she’s the face of the administration’s most heartless policy, but in the White House, she’s gaining admirers.
  5. Trump Administration Keeps Babies and Toddlers in ‘Tender Age’ SheltersExperts say this treatment stunts young children’s development, and under the disorganized U.S. system, family separations can become permanent.
  6. Protesters Crash Kirstjen Nielsen’s Dinner at a Mexican RestaurantPublicly, she’s the face of the administration’s most heartless policy, but in the White House, she’s gaining admirers.
  7. Trump’s Big Immigration Meeting With House Republicans Fixed NothingTrump did clear up the confusion over immigration bills he created last week, but did not explain how to resolve the family separation emergency.
  8. Sessions Defends Family Separation With False Claim About Nazis’ Plan for JewsThe attorney general said the Nazis “were keeping the Jews from leaving the country” — but initially they wanted to deport them.
  9. John Kelly Doesn’t Care Enough to Save Trump From HimselfThe chief of staff seems indifferent to the president’s fate, and while he’d like to shield protégée Kirstjen Nielsen, he’s failed.
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    Stephen Colbert Has the Devil Stop by to Defend Child-Separation PolicySatan visited Monday’s Late Show to justify America’s “all-baby reboot of The Shawshank Redemption.”
  11. Inside the Disastrous White House Briefing on Trump’s Child-Separation PolicyHomeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen tried to defend the separation of families at the border, but wound up making the uproar even worse.
  12. Family Separation Is the Opening Salvo of a Broader Anti-Immigration OffensiveIf you liked “zero tolerance,” Miller and Trump have a lot more anti-immigrant ideas where that came from.
  13. Trump Border Policies Uniting the Faithful — Against HimFrom religious progressives to Trump’s conservative Evangelical friends, the “zero tolerance” policy is under heavy theological attack.
  14. the national interest
    Why Trump Is Using Hostage Tactics on Family SeparationIt’s a way for him to avoid taking responsibility for his own policy.
  15. We’re Getting a Taste of the Backlash Mass Deportation Would CreateKids in cages at the border have aroused the conscience of the country and put the GOP in a bind. Mass deportation of the undocumented would be worse.
  16. Steve Doocy: Cages That Minors Are Being Held in Aren’t Really CagesWhy, they’re practically luxury accommodations!
  17. Laura Bush Condemns Trump Family-Separation Policy As ‘Cruel’ and ‘Immoral’While Trump and his most ardent supporters probably won’t be moved, her op-ed drew attention to the growing number of bipartisan objections.
  18. Melania Trump, Conway Pretend Trump Can’t Immediately Stop Family SeparationsAn administration that won’t take ownership of its own policy.
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    Separating Families at the Border Was Always Part of the PlanTrump and administration officials like Stephen Miller view the detention of immigrant children as a long-awaited victory.
  20. DHS: Nearly 2,000 Children Taken Under Trump’s New Border PolicyTrump insists that families are being separated because of a Democratic policy, but that’s not true.
  21. No, Jeff Sessions, Separating Kids From Their Parents Isn’t ‘Biblical’Sessions uses a much-abused Bible quotation to justify his immigration policies against religious critics. He should not go there.
  22. Reporters Tour Texas Facility Where Migrant Children Are DetainedNearly 1,500 undocumented boys are being housed in a former Walmart, which is overcrowded and features a creepy Trump mural.
  23. Honduran Man Killed Himself After Being Separated From Family at BorderThe Department of Homeland Security didn’t publicize the case.
  24. Trump Again Blames Democrats for His Own Inhumane Immigration PolicyUp is down, black is white, and liberals are the ones separating children from their parents.