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Famke Janssen

  1. The Next X-Men Will Recast Storm, Cyclops, and Jean GreyX-Men: Apocalypse will feature younger versions of the classic trio.
  2. scary things
    Who Left Famke Janssen’s To-Do List in The Lonely Doll?Police think it was Famke Janssen.
  3. scary things
    Famke Janssen’s Lonely Doll Mystery DeepensWho left the creepy book?
  4. crimes and misdemeanors
    The Lonely Doll Heir Doesn’t Think the Book Is CreepyFamke Janssen, who found it left near her bed, might disagree.
  5. the most important people in the world
    Lonely Doll Creepily Left by Famke Janssen’s BedA bizarre Greenwich Village home invasion.
  6. gender issues
    The Wolverine Is This Summer’s Bechdel-Friendly BlockbusterA rarity among action movies this summer, The Wolverine has four primary female characters. Director James Mangold explains.
  7. trailer mix
    Hemlock Grove Trailer: American Netflix StoryEli Roth’s new show stars Famke Janssen.
  8. werewolf bar mitzvah
    Famke Jannsen Will Star in Eli Roth’s Netflix ShowWerewolves, monsters, Pennsylvania.
  9. party lines
    Famke Janssen at The King’s SpeechPlus: Michael Stuhlbarg!
  10. the industry
    Jimmy Fallon Has All the Time in the WorldPlus: Real-life car-crash deaths potentially coming to CBS.
  11. news reel
    ‘The Treatment’ Makes Us Laugh, Feel Neurotic