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Fare Hikes

  1. MTA Still Raising Fares, Just Not by As MuchA little gift from the MTA.
  2. $1.9 Billion Budget Surplus Can’t Save You From MTA Fare HikesThey are revenues that we aren’t sure we can repeat.”
  3. How to Save $8 on Your Next MetroCardSubway fares increase this weekend. Here’s how to save money.
  4. Monthly MetroCard Set to Rise to $112; or, Why Joe Lhota Is DoomedWe don’t give a lot of thought to all the good things about the MTA.
  5. Taxinomics: A Night in the Life of a CabbieCheapskate customers, endless expenses: it’s all part of the job.
  6. The MTA Will Try Raising Fares for a ChangeIn 2013 and 2015.
  7. Yellow Cab Fleet Owners Propose a 19 Percent Fare HikeIt feels like the city is trying to tell us something.
  8. The MTA’s Proposed Fare Hikes Are Based on Estimated IncomeMTA head says the current discounts depending on the average income of riders are “inequitable.”
  9. MTA Chairman: January Fare Hikes Are Basically UnavoidableSavor these last four months.
  10. Subway Rides to Presumably Come With Free Foot Rub, Glass of ChampagneCould the MTA hike unlimited monthly cards to $130?
  11. stand clear of the closing doors
    MTA Boss Says No Fare Hike In 2010But yes fare hike in 2011.
  12. It’s Been Too Long Since the Last Subway Fare IncreaseAnother one may be coming sooner than expected.
  13. MTA Deal Reached: Fares to Rise to $2.25Through a hodgepodge of new taxes and fees, the transit agency is saved — for now.
  14. stand clear of the closing doors
    MTA Foils MetroCard-Hoarding PlanAlas, it won’t be possible to avoid this summer’s fare hike.
  15. Don’t Count on That MTA BailoutNegotiations hit a snag. What a surprise.
  16. Why Are These Men Smiling?Meet the four men you have to thank for your shiny new fare hike.