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Fashion Week Preview Spring 2009

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Fashion Week’s Greatest Moments

A lot can happen in a week — but the past few years have been particularly spectacular. Here are our favorite moments.

By Sharon Clott

Designers to Watch: Jen Kao

It's easy to write Jen Kao off as yet another hipster designer. But her precise tailoring and gorgeous draping has her poised for the big time.

By Amina Akhtar

Designers to Watch: Miguel Adrover

The designer fell off the fashion radar after a few seasons in the spotlight in the early 2000s. He's back, and with an ecofriendly line.

By Amina Akhtar

Designers to Watch: Frank Tell

Frank Tell's two-tone palette and geometric shapes for fall were simple yet startling. And he's much loved by fashion mags.

By Amina Akhtar

Designers to Watch: Abigail Lorick

Lorick's line already has a huge TV following on 'Gossip Girl.' It doubles as Eleanor Waldorf's collection on the hit show.

By Amina Akhtar

Spring 2009 Fashion Week Party Guide

This Fashion Week, there are more parties than ever before. Find out where to go and who to hang with. But don't forget your invites.

By Amina Akhtar