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Federal Court

  1. Blue-Slip Tradition, Democrats’ Best Weapon Against Right-Wing Judges, in PerilThe century-long tradition of requiring approval of judicial nominees by home-state senators could soon be scrapped under pressure from conservatives.
  2. Texas Attorneys Back Down, Will Allow Syrian Refugees for NowThey are still seeking a legal position that would allow them an injunction.
  3. Yellow Cabs Sue Taxi Commission, Take Uber Fight to Federal CourtFor the “deliberate evisceration” of the taxi industry. 
  4. Out-of-Control Weeds Aren’t Free Speech, Says JudgeThe plaintiff’s claim that the free-speech clause insulates all weeds from public control is ridiculous.”
  5. Foiemageddon
    Foie Gras Is Once Again Legal in CaliforniaA group representing producers and a restaurant prompted the new ruling.
  6. The Constitutional Fight to Repeal Health Reform Keeps on KickingA federal judge in Florida sympathizes with the claim that the bill is unconstitutional.