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  1. millennials
    Millennials Aren’t Post-Consumerist, They’re Just Poor, Fed FindsGen Y longs for suburban homes and cars, not bohemian “experiences.” That’s bad news for the climate.
  2. the economy
    Here’s How Trump Can Make Peace With Higher Interest RatesIt involves some bragging — but no lying.
  3. the economy
    Trump Should Blame Himself for the Federal Reserve Policies He Thinks Are ‘Loco’Since he is mad again about the Fed raising rates, it’s time to review the things he’s done to cause the Fed to do so.
  4. Trump Won’t Acknowledge the Independence of the FedThe president keeps complaining about the interest rate hikes the Fed is undertaking, and now he’s acting like he may not tolerate them for long.
  5. Tom Cotton Doesn’t Oppose Mass Immigration for Economic ReasonsThe senator says we need to cut immigration to tighten labor markets — but he opposes all other policies that would tighten labor markets.
  6. Reports: Trump Likely to Tap Jerome Powell As Next Federal Reserve ChairIt would be an unusual, but not radical, pick.
  7. Fed Chair Warns Trump Not to Roll Back Wall Street RegulationsJanet Yellen offered a vigorous defense of financial reform on Friday — and may have jeopardized her future at the central bank in the process.
  8. magic
    Janet Yellen Is a Wizard Who Knows the FutureThe 2009 Federal Reserve transcripts show that Janet Yellen was right about many things — and that economists will laugh at anything. 
  9. firsts
    Janet Yellen Has Been Breaking Glass Ceilings Her Whole CareerA new Washington Post profile describes the female-unfriendly world of economics in the seventies and eighties.
  10. Senate Confirms Janet Yellen As Fed ChairMany senators couldn’t make it due to polar vortex.
  11. Pathetic Fed Chair Nominee Janet Yellen Wears Her Outfits More Than Once A gossip blogger finds this noteworthy, for some reason. 
  12. George Will Very Confused by Monetary PolicySo are most people! But most people don’t write columns about it anyway.
  13. money matters
    Obama Will Officially Nominate Yellen to Lead the FedMaking her the first woman to hold the position.
  14. The Fed Spent Super Bowl Sunday Getting HackedApparently by Anonymous.
  15. Video: What the Fed Did Today (Translated Into English)We made you a video!
  16. How Republicans Learned to Despise the FedThe GOP has embraced what used to be called, dismissively, “Fed bashing.”
  17. Federal Reserve Asks Bank of America to Get ExistentialAnd write its own ‘Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook.’
  18. Ben Bernanke: Sometimes a Speech Is Just a SpeechNo policies announced in Jackson Hole today.
  19. Wall Street Secretly Borrowed $1.2 Trillion From the FedEveryone had a bite.
  20. Closings
    Employment Surges As Restaurants Continue ClosingThough restaurants continue to add new hires, more and more of them are closing at alarming rates.
  21. Who Do You Think Ben Bernanke Drunk-Dials?Paul Krugman? Paul Giamatti? God? Satan?
  22. Ben Bernanke Gave Wall Street an Unbelievably Sweet Interest Rate on That Secret $80 Billion LoanSay thank you, Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse.
  23. The Dollar Is at Its Lowest Since July 2008Bernanke is under pressure.
  24. Citigroup Received More Bailout Money Than Any Other Bank $476.2 billion in cash and guarantees.
  25. Ben Bernanke Tries to Harsh Your Unemployment MellowBernanke’s Charlie Brown face explained.
  26. Ben Bernanke Makes the Stock Market Happy, a Day LateWhen he announced $600 billion in new Fed spending on Wednesday, the markets didn’t blink. Why did they soar on Thursday?
  27. Inflation, Here We Come?Ben Bernanke promises to spend $600 billion so America doesn’t turn Japanese.
  28. Everyone Expects Inflation (the Fed Is Working!)People buy treasuries at negative interest rates, betting on a flood of new money.
  29. Is Ben Bernanke Worried About Deflation?It looks like it, if you squint hard enough.
  30. Federal Reserve Acknowledges Recovery Isn’t Going As Well As It Would LikePlans to reinvest proceeds from mortgage-backed securities into Treasuries.
  31. Bernanke: Things Are Better, But Also Still BadThe Fed chairman is still cautiously pessimistic.
  32. Depressive Bernanke Brings Down MarketsEeyore strikes again.
  33. Sword Fighting Has Prepared Bill English for His Hugely Important New Job of Keeping the Economy StableWe think it must have something to do with balance.
  34. Report: Larry Summers Quitting in a Huff After Not Getting Fed Chairman JobThat’s what Charlie Gasparino is saying, though the White House denies it.
  35. Federal Reserve Raises Interest Rate on Money Loaned to BanksOne-quarter of a percentage point.
  36. Bernanke Will Raise the Interest Rate When the Time Is RightHe has to wait for the Signs.
  37. Bernanke ‘Welcomes’ a ‘Full Review’ of AIG BailoutsCome on in, look around, the Fed chairman has nothing to hide.
  38. Unemployment Continues to Hover at 10 Percent85,000 jobs were lost in December.
  39. early and often
    Senate Banking Committee Approves Bernanke NominationThe Fed chairman will serve another term.
  40. Someone Is Not Letting a Little Thing Like Being Named Person of the Year Distract Them From Their JobThe Federal Reserve breaks from its two-day meeting for an announcement.
  41. beefs
    Bernie Sanders Will Try to Block Ben Bernanke’s ConfirmationHe must hate beards.
  42. Ben Bernanke Joins the Debate Over His Second TermHe thinks he should get one.
  43. As NY Fed President, Tim Geithner Charged $13 Billion of Crappy CDOs to Taxpayer TabAwkward.
  44. Bernanke: ‘The Recession Is Very Likely Over’The Fed chairman calls the end of the year of our discontent.
  45. Obama Appoints Bernanke to Second TermThe president will announce this morning that he’s giving Bush’s appointee another go.
  46. Ben Bernanke Dialoguing With the People Through Series of Rap SessionsThe Fed chairman is trying to raise consciousness about the role of the central bank.
  47. Bernanke to Lewis: You’re a Nice Guy. You’re A NICE GUY. But...That don’t cut it.
  48. Banks Could Start Paying Back TARP Funds As Early As Next WeekMorgan Stanley has already requested to be allowed to repay its $10 billion in TARP debt.
  49. Ben Bernanke Is Angry About AIGAnd boy, does he look it.
  50. Fed Is Uncomfortable With Inflation’s FlirtingIt will bring inflation down, they said.
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