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Federal Reserve

  1. managed expectations
    Everyone Expects Inflation (the Fed Is Working!)People buy treasuries at negative interest rates, betting on a flood of new money.
  2. the money machine
    Is Ben Bernanke Worried About Deflation?It looks like it, if you squint hard enough.
  3. eeyore
    Federal Reserve Acknowledges Recovery Isn’t Going As Well As It Would LikePlans to reinvest proceeds from mortgage-backed securities into Treasuries.
  4. eeyore
    Bernanke: Things Are Better, But Also Still BadThe Fed chairman is still cautiously pessimistic.
  5. cautious pessimism
    Depressive Bernanke Brings Down MarketsEeyore strikes again.
  6. absurd ledes
    Sword Fighting Has Prepared Bill English for His Hugely Important New Job of Keeping the Economy StableWe think it must have something to do with balance.
  7. cruel summers
    Report: Larry Summers Quitting in a Huff After Not Getting Fed Chairman JobThat’s what Charlie Gasparino is saying, though the White House denies it.
  8. the great recession
    Federal Reserve Raises Interest Rate on Money Loaned to BanksOne-quarter of a percentage point.
  9. the great recession
    Bernanke Will Raise the Interest Rate When the Time Is RightHe has to wait for the Signs.
  10. early and awkward
    Bernanke ‘Welcomes’ a ‘Full Review’ of AIG BailoutsCome on in, look around, the Fed chairman has nothing to hide.
  11. slouching toward economic recovery
    Unemployment Continues to Hover at 10 Percent85,000 jobs were lost in December.
  12. early and often
    Senate Banking Committee Approves Bernanke NominationThe Fed chairman will serve another term.
  13. early and often
    Someone Is Not Letting a Little Thing Like Being Named Person of the Year Distract Them From Their JobThe Federal Reserve breaks from its two-day meeting for an announcement.
  14. beefs
    Bernie Sanders Will Try to Block Ben Bernanke’s ConfirmationHe must hate beards.
  15. the greatest depression
    Ben Bernanke Joins the Debate Over His Second TermHe thinks he should get one.
  16. bad business deals
    As NY Fed President, Tim Geithner Charged $13 Billion of Crappy CDOs to Taxpayer TabAwkward.
  17. early and awesome
    Bernanke: ‘The Recession Is Very Likely Over’The Fed chairman calls the end of the year of our discontent.
  18. the greatest depression
    Obama Appoints Bernanke to Second TermThe president will announce this morning that he’s giving Bush’s appointee another go.
  19. white men with all the money
    Ben Bernanke Dialoguing With the People Through Series of Rap SessionsThe Fed chairman is trying to raise consciousness about the role of the central bank.
  20. early and awesome
    Bernanke to Lewis: You’re a Nice Guy. You’re A NICE GUY. But…That don’t cut it.
  21. the greatest depression
    Banks Could Start Paying Back TARP Funds As Early As Next WeekMorgan Stanley has already requested to be allowed to repay its $10 billion in TARP debt.
  22. early and often
    Ben Bernanke Is Angry About AIGAnd boy, does he look it.
  23. the greatest depression
    Fed Is Uncomfortable With Inflation’s FlirtingIt will bring inflation down, they said.
  24. the greatest depression
    Economy Rhetoric Gets Increasingly WarlikeThe administration’s use of phrases like ‘regime change’ is freaking us out a little.
  25. the greatest depression
    Central Banks Announce Coordinated Rate CutThe central banks of England, China, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United States all cut interest rates this morning in an effort to stave off a further global financial crisis.
  26. the greatest depression
    Fed Announces Intervention in Commercial Paper Market, Stocks BoostedThis morning the Fed said it would create a ‘special purpose vehicle’ to buy up commercial paper, giving the markets confidence.
  27. the greatest depression
    Tuesdays Are Always Better Than MondaysYour Saturday-night hangover is finally cleared, and the anticipated response to the credit crisis on behalf of European banks is like an Alka-Seltzer Morning Relief for the economy.
  28. man candy
    Breaking: Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson Looks Hot in Shirtless PhotoThe secretary of the treasury once had washboard abs.
  29. scenes from a meltdown
    The Wall Street Crisis: What Does It All Mean?The only thing that anyone seems really certain about right now is that when the smoke clears, we’ll be looking at a different landscape.
  30. white men with money
    Meet Herb Allison, Fannie Mae’s New CEOHe advised John McCain in his 2000 campaign and worked for Merrill Lynch for almost 30 years. But to his employees at TIAA-Cref, he was notorious for another reason.