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  1. How Republicans Are Trying to Pass the Buck on Health CareThe Graham-Cassidy bill would reverse a long trend toward equality in health-care coverage and force hellish decisions on the states.
  2. A New Romance: Trump Has Made Progressives Fall in Love With FederalismProgressives have taken up a conservative principle as a shield against the federal government. But is it just a marriage of convenience?
  3. The GOP’s Latest Health-Care GambitThis last-gasp effort at a GOP-only bill mostly gives states the flexibility to cut health-care services, while threatening insurance-market chaos.
  4. Now What? Democrats Must Decide How to Exploit the Collapse of Trumpcare.Democrats could go small or big or refuse cooperation at all. But the party needs a strategy to deal with its sudden leverage over health-care policy.
  5. 18 States Sue Betsy DeVos for Refusing to Enforce Student-Loan ProtectionsThe Education secretary is blocking new rules that would make it easier for students defrauded by for-profit colleges to have their debts forgiven.
  6. GOP Pol Says Sick People Who Lose Affordable Health Coverage Should Just MoveNorth Carolina congressman thinks having to vote with your feet — or your other afflicted parts — to keep health coverage is “Jeffersonian democracy.”
  7. Jeff Sessions Calls for an End to Sanctuary CitiesBut he may be all talk, no action.
  8. Trump Health Secretary: States Should Only Require Vaccines If They Feel Like ItGood thing infectious diseases can’t cross state lines.
  9. California Wants to Go Its Own Way on Climate Policy. Will the GOP Let It?In theory, Republicans love to give states more independence. But will they be able to say no to business lobbies whining to D.C. for relief?
  10. It’s Really Hard to Destroy Public Schools From WashingtonThe federal Department of Education doesn’t have the money or clout to force the kind of widespread school privatization Betsy DeVos likely wants.
  11. Will the Trump Administration Launch a Civil War Over Legal Weed?Trump’s pick for attorney general is America’s leading opponent of legal pot. Will Jeff Sessions enforce federal prohibition or honor states’ rights?