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  1. this thing's incredible
    I Hoard these Heel-Saving Bandages I Found in FranceUnlike Band-Aids, they’re big enough to cover all points of contact.
  2. best bets
    The Best Pumice Stone for Calloused Heels Is Actually a Metal Foot FileFor sloughing off winter skin.
  3. sure why not
    Surprise! Birkenstock Makes Skin CareSome stuff for your face, some stuff for your feet.
  4. ask the strategist
    Ask the Strategist: What Are the Most Comfortable Black Flats Under $200?Comfortable flats aren’t just for grandmas anymore.
  5. recommended by experts
    The Best Foot Peels (Beyond Baby Foot), According to Foot and Nail ExpertsIncluding a professional foot-peel kit that “sells like hot cakes.”
  6. this thing's incredible
    So Apparently, Baby Foot Makes a Cream (and It’s Amazing)“It was better than I could have dreamed.”
  7. this thing's incredible
    These Shockingly Comfortable Mocs Are My Favorite Summer ShoesThey’re also attractive against almost all odds.
  8. 'tis the season
    These Plastic Socks Will Give You Smooth Feet Before Sandal SeasonAnd now is the time to buy them.
  9. ask the strategist
    Ask the Strategist: How Do I Make My Uncomfortable Shoes More Comfortable?Some tricks for at-home shoe repair.
  10. weird things we love
    The Spray That Stretched My Too Small Stilettos Half a SizeI even walked a mile and danced an hour in them.
  11. ask the strategist
    Ask the Strategist: What Are the Best Foot Massagers and Foot Spas?For when the dogs are barkin’.
  12. this thing's incredible
    I Stole My Pedicurist’s Secret to Smooth, Supple FeetIt’s actually called the Callus Eliminator.
  13. feet week
    The Unsexy Foot Cream Dermatologists Swear ByIt’s Crisco–thick and exfoliates while moisturizing.
  14. feet week
    This Foot Cream Smooths My Heels Better Than Professionals DoEveryone who tries it becomes a convert.
  15. feet week
    All the Best Things We’ve Found for Your FeetThe 11 best products we’ve found for your feet — and we’re just getting started.
  16. weird things we love
    I Shave Off My Calluses With This Funny ToolFor those times when a peel just won’t cut it.
  17. lab rat
    The One Tool You’ll Need for Smooth FeetIt’s Chrissy Teigen’s favorite.
  18. last night on late night
    Alison Brie Throws Her Foot-Fetish Fans a BoneThe number one search term for all famous women, finally celebrated!
  19. feet market
    In Celebration of Ugly FeetNo pedicure? No problem.
  20. science of us animations
    How Your Feet Can Help You SleepLet the Science of Us Sleep Institute offer you a helping foot. 
  21. feet beat
    Dancers Share Secrets About Fixing Up Your Gnarled FeetBusted feet? You can still wear sandals! 
  22. funk chronicles
    How to Keep Your Feet From Smelling Like DeathA journey down the stinky-boot rabbit hole. 
  23. lab rat
    Lab Rat: Can the Clarisonic Pedi Outdo a Nail Salon?The new vibrating Pedi redefines the at-home pedicure.
  24. feet
    Coming Soon: A Clarisonic for Your Foot CallusesHow has no one invented this before?
  25. omg shoes
    Ladies, Men Hate Your WedgesThey prefer Crocs, apparently.
  26. hobbled
    Kim Kardashian’s Tortured, Swollen Feet: A LamentThis picture will make you cringe.
  27. yes we cannes
    What We Can All Learn From Jackie Chan’s Socks at CannesYacht decks are slippery.
  28. best bets
    Best Bet: Happy Socks X Opening CeremonyFour bundles of joy in every little box.
  29. famous feet
    Slideshow: Bare Celebrity Feet, As Inspired by Kate MiddletonIt’s quite a rare thing to see famous toes.
  30. duchessess!!!
    Photographer Anticipates Our Desire to See Kate Middleton’s Bare FeetSomeone give this guy a promotion.
  31. epidemics
    Your Toes May Be FatBody image!
  32. you've got mail
    Canadian Politician Receives Severed FootOne Conservative party member believes it has nothing to do with politics.
  33. Alison Brie and Her Feet Are Ready for Their Spotlights“Because of the delays, her two shows shot simultaneously, so Brie would sometimes have to run between both sets in the same day. ‘That’s when […]
  34. Kristen Bell Tells You What It’s Like to Stick Your Foot in Another […]Here’s Kristen Bell on shooting a House of Lies scene where another character puts her foot in his mouth: …it was as awkward as it seems […]
  35. beauty test-drive
    Ugly Feet? Try ConcealerCan makeup for you feet really cover up scars, callouses, and corns, all while looking natural?
  36. this little piggie went to market
    Okay Okay, Quentin Tarantino Has a Foot Fetish, We Get It!This has got to stop!