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Feline Puppies!!

  1. Everyone Hates a Cat-KickerThis one faces up to a year in jail, with no option for a plea deal.
  2. Kicked Cat Ready for a Home Where He Won’t Be Kicked AgainA happy ending.
  3. Kicked Cat Is Recovering NicelyGood news.
  4. Animal Rescuers Found Brooklyn Cat-Kicker’s Feline Victim After a two-and-a-half-hour chase.
  5. Internet Helps Track Down Brooklyn Cat-KickerA Facebook video led to the 21-year-old’s arrest.
  6. Al Sharpton Insists He Is a Cat, Not a Rat, in Catchy DenialI chase rats.”
  7. White House Appeals to Youth With Cat-and-Twerking GIF BracketThe Obamacare push continues.
  8. Meet the Cute Brooklyn Couple Who Adopted the Subway KittensArthur and August have a home!
  9. Notorious Subway Kittens Still Homeless, CuteThey’re ready for a new life.
  10. 12-Year-Old Girl Throws Kitten Into Traffic, Would Do It AgainNooooo.
  11. Not All Park Slope Residents Taking Reports of Bully Cat SeriouslyPatricia caught one neighbor mocking her with a ‘dramatic reading’ of her plea for help.”
  12. What Cats Are Doing While Dogs Save LivesKnocking stuff over. 
  13. Your Cat Can Unlock an iPhone 5S With Its Paw Print Why this may or may not be useful. 
  14. The Subway Kittens Are Having an Awesome Life, No Thanks to LhotaThey’re more adorable than they looked on the third rail.
  15. Subway Kittens, Arthur and August, Will Be Put Up for AdoptionPlease keep them inside.
  16. West Point Boss Abused Power to Feed Friend’s CatAmong other things.
  17. feline puppies!!
    Someone Threw This Mini Miracle Kitten Out a WindowShe landed on her feet.
  18. Serial Cat Killer on the Loose With BB GunTerrorizing New York and Connecticut.
  19. Bronx Man Dies Trying to Save Cat From TreeOh no.
  20. Cat’s Love for Sun Chips Nearly Gets It Run Over by a TrainYou have to look at this photo of the cat’s head stuck in the Sun Chips bag.
  21. Colony of Feral Greenpoint Cats in DangerWon’t someone please think of the feral cats?
  22. Manhattan Cat Goes Berserk on Owner, CopsInternet implodes.
  23. Georgina Bloomberg and Amanda Hearst Join Forces for Puppy Rescue MissionThey also saved a pregnant calico cat.
  24. Is There a Scientific Reason Why the Internet Loves Cats?Maybe?
  25. Dog-Backed Super PAC Targets Hank the Cat This race is getting ugly. 
  26. Ain’t No Rule That Says a Cat Can’t Run for Senate!Okay there probably is. But one is running anyway!
  27. The Truth About Cats and Dogs on the InternetBreaking down the Internet’s animal preferences.
  28. Post Goes Hard on Feline Jokes for Catwoman CaseThe crook was “declawed” today, and so on.
  29. Soon It’ll Be Legal to Be Buried With Your PetThe arc of history is long, but it bends towards progress.
  30. The Algonquin’s Pet Cat Is Headed to a Kitty SpaIt’s supposedly just temporary.
  31. The New York Times Has an Expansive Definition of ‘Sport’Feline agility competitions make the cut.
  32. Can Kittens Cure Writer’s Block?The website “Written? Kitten!” thinks so.