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  1. politics
    Michael Brown’s Mother Is Running for City Council in FergusonLesley McSpadden will run for a position that would give her oversight of the police department.
  2. criminal justice
    It’s a New Day in American Politics. Ferguson, Missouri is No Exception.As the House ushers in a Democratic majority, the city in which Michael Brown was shot enters a new phase of criminal justice under Wesley Bell.
  3. bassem masri
    Another Ferguson Protester Has DiedFamily and friends posted on social media to remember Bassem Masri.
  4. michael brown
    SXSW Documentary Stranger Fruit Reveals New Information in Michael Brown CaseThe documentary shows new surveillance footage of Brown police chose not to release.
  5. New Documentary Suggests Michael Brown Did Not Rob Ferguson StoreThe film releases previously unreported security footage taken the night before Brown’s death.
  6. What Has Changed Since Ferguson?Alton Sterling and Philando Castile are a reminder of what hasn’t changed in the two years since the shooting death of Michael Brown. Here’s what has.
  7. The Chain Gang
    Starbucks’s Plan to ‘Revitalize’ Ferguson Might Actually WorkThe company did an impressive job hiring residents and partnering with local businesses.
  8. FBI Chief Links Crime Wave to Police ScrutinyHe becomes the highest-profile law enforcement official to push the connection, though no data supports the theory.
  9. Big Changes Are Coming to Ferguson Courts This WeekAll arrest warrants from before December 2014 will be withdrawn. 
  10. crime
    A Crime and Policing Expert Critiques Black Lives Matter’s Police-Reform PlanCampaign Zero is a very good start, though a couple things could have made it better.
  11. The Activists Are the Stars of #BlackLivesMatterThis is new. 
  12. Heavily Armed Oath Keepers Show Up in Ferguson to Protect Right-Wing JournalistsThe “patriot” militia group has been to St. Louis before. 
  13. More Clashes, Arrests After State of Emergency Declared in FergusonThe unrest continued on the fourth night of protests marking the anniversary of Michael Brown’s death.
  14. Man Shot in Ferguson on Mike Brown AnniversaryAfter gunfire erupted during protests.
  15. Ferguson One Year Later: What Has Changed?Journalists reflect on how Michael Brown’s death affected Ferguson and the United States.
  16. Cop Who Shot Mike Brown Speaks Out Ahead of Shooting AnniversaryEveryone is so quick to jump on race. It’s not a race issue,” Darren Wilson told The New Yorker.
  17. New Study Shows Riots Make America ConservativeNonviolent protests work. Violent protests cause a backlash.
  18. Ferguson’s Mike Brown Shrine to Be Replaced by Permanent Memorial The collection of stuffed animals, flowers, candles, photos, and other mementos has occupied Canfield Drive since the 18-year-old died there last August.
  19. Freddie Gray Protests Spread Across the CountryMarches were held in New York, Minneapolis, Boston, and D.C.
  20. Michael Brown’s Family Files Wrongful Death Suit Against the City of FergusonLawyers say they’ll present new evidence that raises doubts about the police department’s version of events.
  21. Ferguson Elects More Black Members to City CouncilBut two candidates supported by protesters lost.
  22. Will Rahm Win Today?Chicago gets to decide if it wants to keep Rahm Emanuel — again — and Ferguson has its first election since last summer.
  23. Ferguson Releases Copies of Racist EmailsOne features a photo of Ronald Reagan holding a chimpanzee labeled “Reagan babysitting Barack Obama.”
  24. St. Louis–Area Reserve Cop Blames DUI on FergusonJacob Klaus quit the force after drunkenly crashing into a house.
  25. 20-Year-Old Man Charged in Shooting of 2 Ferguson Police Officers The suspect was identified as Jeffrey Williams.
  26. 2 Police Officers Shot During Protest in Ferguson They sustained “very serious” injuries, with one officer hit in the shoulder and the other shot in the face.
  27. Ferguson Police Chief Resigns Following Justice Department ReportThomas Jackson reportedly handed in his resignation on Wednesday.
  28. Ferguson City Manager Resigns After Justice Department ReportHe’s the fifth city official to step down.
  29. Missouri Supreme Court Takes Over Ferguson Cases After Scathing DOJ ReportAfter the judge named in the report resigns.
  30. DOJ Release Long Report on Ferguson Police Dept.The reports include emails that referred to President Obama as a “chimpanzee.”
  31. No Civil-Rights Charges for Former Ferguson Police Officer Darren WilsonThe Justice Department found no way to prove that Wilson’s use of force against Michael Brown was “objectively unreasonable.”
  32. ‘Upsetting’ Details of Ferguson Police Practices to Be Included in DOJ ReportNinety-three percent of people arrested in Ferguson between 2012 and 2014 were black.
  33. Justice Department Reportedly Finds Racial Bias in Ferguson Traffic StopsThe Justice Department has found “racial bias” in Ferguson’s traffic stops, according to the Times.
  34. NYPD Commissioner Says Police Had Role in ‘Worst Parts of Black History’Many of the worst parts of black history would have been impossible without police, too.”
  35. Justice Department May Sue Ferguson Police Over Racial BiasUnless the department agrees to make changes.
  36. One Man’s Trial Shows the Long Reach of Ferguson, Staten Island, and Bed-StuyOne man’s trial shows the long reach of Ferguson, Staten Island, and Bed-Stuy
  37. Federal Prosecutors Reportedly Close to Not Filing Charges Against Darren WilsonAs expected.
  38. One Ferguson Grand Juror Wants to Set the Record StraightGrand Juror Doe.”
  39. Cop Who Called Brown Memorial ‘Trash’ on LeaveGood work, Officer Tim Zoll.
  40. Police Officer Kills Armed Teen Near FergusonJust two miles from the suburb where Michael Brown was killed.
  41. Ferguson Prosecutor Doesn’t Mind That Witnesses Lied Before the Grand JuryReally.
  42. Black Congressional Workers Stage Moving ProtestMore than 150 Capitol Hill staffers staged a walkout Thursday afternoon.
  43. Police Investigating Whether Michael Brown’s Stepfather Incited a RiotHe shouted, “Burn this bitch down” following the news that Darren Wilson would not be indicted.
  44. What Obama’s AG Pick Could Do in FergusonIn a talk from 2000, U.S. attorney Loretta Lynch outlined her preferred tool for tackling racial injustice in the police force.
  45. St. Louis Police Say Rams Apologized for ‘Hands Up’ Gesture; Team Denies ItThey’re literally arguing over the definition of “apology.”
  46. Obama Considered Traveling to FergusonBut decided his presence would be too disruptive.
  47. The NFL Doesn’t Care About the St. Louis Police Department’s Hurt FeelingsDoesn’t quite come out in support of players.
  48. Police Angry at Rams’ ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’The players showed support for Ferguson protestors at their first home game since the Darren Wilson decision.
  49. Darren Wilson Has Resigned From the Ferguson Police Department [Updated]As expected.
  50. Darren Wilson Is Going to Be a FatherHe also talked about what he plans to do now that he has avoided indictment.
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