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  1. vision 2020
    Elizabeth Warren’s One-Two Punch for Conquering WashingtonThe policy-oriented senator has at least a good start on a plan for enacting her plans.
  2. the national interest
    Bernie Sanders’s Love of the Filibuster Is His Craziest PositionFor some reason he wants to keep rules that would make his agenda totally impossible forever.
  3. vision 2020
    Without a Plausible ‘Theory of Change,’ Progressive Ideas Are Just FantasiesTurns out the last Democratic president didn’t have a durable idea of how to overcome Republican obstruction. The next better get one.
  4. vision 2020
    Why a Second Loss to Trump Would Be an Existential Crisis for DemocratsHellscape 2021.
  5. vision 2020
    Obama’s Call for Bipartisanship Failed. Why Do 2020 Dems Think They’ll Succeed?Candidates like Bernie Sanders seem to think they’ll get Republicans to go along with their agenda, though Obama couldn’t. They’ll need a plan B.
  6. filibuster
    Democrats Should Trust Democracy and Resolve to Kill the FilibusterA lot of Democratic senators running for president won’t challenge the filibuster. That’s a problem for Democrats.
  7. vision 2020
    The Democrats’ Irrational Love of the Filibuster Could Doom Their AgendaThe Senate’s supermajority requirement for all legislation is a gift to conservatism. And progressives are promising to maintain it forever.
  8. government shutdown
    Democrats Say They’ll Shut Down the Senate Until It Reopens the GovernmentTrump’s got his “national emergency” alternative, but Democrats could stop regular Senate business until the chamber deals with the shutdown.
  9. the national interest
    Trump Wants to End the Filibuster. He’s Right.The Senate rules make no sense.
  10. the national interest
    Senator Dick Durbin Wishes Trump Could Appoint Even More JudgesDemocrats believe things would be better if they had allowed Republicans to keep more judicial vacancies for Trump to fill.
  11. Senate Clears Farm Bill, Setting Up Fight With House GOP Over SNAPDonald Trump is the tiebreaker, and while he’s demagogued about SNAP work requirements, he’s not threatening a veto if they are missing.
  12. A Red State Finally Rejects an Abortion BanIn South Carolina a Democratic legislator mockingly asks Republicans to pass a total abortion ban they know to be unconstitutional. They nearly did.
  13. Congress to Vote on 2,232-Page Spending Bill Before Ink Is DryMore than halfway through fiscal year 2018, Congress still can’t fund the federal government in an orderly and timely manner.
  14. Pelosi’s ‘DACA-buster’ Speech Likely a Record-Setter for the HousePelosi can’t stop a spending deal that excludes DACA. But she can talk about it.
  15. House GOP Passes Spending Bill Aimed at Shifting Shutdown Blame to DemocratsSince real negotiations have failed, the government is probably shutting down on Friday — and now it’s all about the blame game.
  16. Tide of Right-Wing Judges Could Recede Quickly If Democrats Take Back the SenateThe GOP’s Alabama fiasco and a 2018 wave election could bring back a Democratic Senate and ruin the right’s plan to control the judiciary.
  17. Voters, Not Just Politicians, Are Polarized by Party and IdeologyWhile some observers think of polarization as a Washington phenomenon that doesn’t reflect the citizenry, fresh evidence shows otherwise.
  18. Right-to-Lifers Look for a New Hostage for Their DemandsThe anti-abortion lobby is rejecting suggestions to wait until next year to defund Planned Parenthood. They want to put it in the tax bill right now.
  19. White House and McConnell Trade Barbs Over Trumpcare FailureThe Senate Majority Leader suggests Trump’s impatience led to Trumpcare’s defeat. Trump thinks McConnell is just making excuses.
  20. A Look at the Procedural Madness of the Senate Health-Care DebateThe process is arcane; the outcome, unpredictable.
  21. No, Filibusters Aren’t Keeping 50 Republican Senators From Reaching AgreementSean Duffy (like Donald Trump) wants to blame the threat of filibusters for blocking GOP bills. But the big ones aren’t subject to filibusters.
  22. Trump Is Going to Lose It When He Finds Out About This Obscure Senate RuleHe has just nominated ten federal judges. Democratic senators can use the arcane “blue slip” practice to block three.
  23. GOP Senators Reject Trump’s Call for Getting Rid of Filibuster“That will not happen,” said the Majority Leader.
  24. Trump Calls for Government Shutdown in SeptemberOn Twitter, Trump says a government shutdown or elimination of the legislative filibuster might be a good thing when the next funding fight arrives.
  25. Trump Could Probably Kill the Legislative FilibusterSenate Republicans would have a hard time defending the “archaic system” that’s making the president’s agenda more difficult to pass.
  26. There Could Be a Ton of Drama in Washington This WeekPossibly a government shutdown crisis, the return of Trumpcare, and the unveiling of the president’s tax-reform plan — or none of the above.
  27. Frustrated Trump May Be Tempted to Push for Total ‘Nuking’ of the FilibusterAnything Trump has been able to accomplish has involved getting around the filibuster. He might decide to try to just get rid of it once and for all.
  28. Democrats Should Never Bring Back the SCOTUS FilibusterAlthough Republicans would love it if they did.
  29. Senate Goes Nuclear, Eliminates Filibuster for Supreme Court ConfirmationsThe long-awaited GOP move to force confirmation of Neil Gorsuch and future nominees by a simple majority has finally happened.
  30. Democrats Have the Votes for a Filibuster of GorsuchIn response, the GOP seems ready to go nuclear.
  31. The Filibuster Deserves to DieIf the Democrats’ attempt to block Gorsuch leads to the abolition of the filibuster, that would be a good thing.
  32. Red-State Democratic Senators Don’t Seem Scared to Act Like DemocratsA potential Gorsuch filibuster will be a key test. But early indications are that few are breaking party ranks.
  33. Another Government Shutdown Crisis Seems to Be ApproachingBefore GOP can “move on” to tax reform, it must deal with the real risk of an internal revolt against the current budget.
  34. GOP’s Planned Parenthood Fight Could Result in a Government ShutdownIf no longer nestled in a giant health-care bill, the defunding of the women’s health organization could spark an appropriations fight.
  35. GOP Prepares to Go Nuclear Over GorsuchRepublicans are taking umbrage at Democrats’ questioning of Gorsuch so that they can justify killing a filibuster against him.
  36. How to Understand the Gorsuch Confirmation FightThe two parties will promote very different standards for what a SCOTUS nominee needs for confirmation. Gorsuch’s may require “nuking” a filibuster.
  37. How Republicans Could Nuke the Rules to Pass TrumpcareThis one weird trick involves an arcane interpretation of budget rules that would end the filibuster.
  38. Trump Plans Reality-TV-Style SCOTUS Pick, While Democrats Promise FilibusterGet ready for some prime-time drama.
  39. the senate
    GOP Senators Are Anxious About Nuking the FilibusterThe threat of the filibuster may be the only way for Senate Republicans to resist Trump, should that need arise.
  40. Two Senior Republican Senators Say the Filibuster Must StayOrrin Hatch and Lindsey Graham say no to the nuclear option.
  41. Under President Trump, Big Changes Are on the Way for America — and SoonWith Republicans controlling both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue, a lot of reactionary legislation will probably be enacted very fast.
  42. Democrats Are Ready to End the Filibuster on Supreme Court NomineesBy promising to stop any SCOTUS nomination, the GOP has invited Democrats to kill off the filibuster. Harry Reid says they will.
  43. If Republicans Win the White House and Senate, the U.S. Will See Radical ChangesHistorically, the Senate filibuster has put the brakes on huge legislative shifts. That will probably not be the case under a Trump administration.
  44. Murphy: Terror Suspect Gun Measure Has the VotesAfter leading a 15-hour filibuster on the Senate floor, Senator Chris Murphy says one measure he pushed for could pass.
  45. early and often
    After 15-Hour Filibuster, Republicans to Allow Votes on Gun-Control MeasuresThe filibuster is now the eighth-longest in the chamber’s history.
  46. Supreme Court Opening Creates ‘Battle of a Different Order’Ideological and partisan polarization plus availability of the filibuster could mean an epic Court fight that could go on well past the elections. 
  47. Senate Democrats Threaten Nuclear Option and WinRepublicans have to let executive branch hostages go.
  48. harry reid
    Democrats Threaten to Slightly Alter FilibusterGOP leader says Harry Reid would become “the worst leader of the Senate ever.”
  49. shoe reviews
    Amazon Reviewers Say Wendy Davis’s Pink Sneakers ‘Outrun Patriarchy’Five out of five stars. 
  50. gun control
    Rand Paul Threatens to Stage Less Inspiring Gun Control Filibuster Along with Ted Cruz and Mike Lee.
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