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  1. first person
    What I Got Wrong About MisogynyFive years ago, I started writing about feminism for the Cut. I didn’t get how bad things were.
  2. charlottesville
    I Lost My Son to the Alt-Right MovementA mother reflects on her son’s descent into hate.
  3. first person
    Why I Hid My Second Pregnancy From the InternetThe woman I used to be couldn’t imagine a reason not to share this monumental, happiest thing.
  4. first person
    Desert Hearts Is My Ultimate Queer Style InspirationIn honor of the movie’s rerelease, an ode to a fashion icon.
  5. first person
    Gold, History, and My BodyA Puerto Rican inheritance.
  6. Why I Wrote DetroitMark Boal on the inspiration for his new movie about the 1967 Detroit riots.
  7. i don't
    Why Do I Want to Get Married So Bad?I thought I was better than this.
  8. i don't
    I Married the Perfect Man for the ApocalypseWhat choosing a husband means.
  9. What It’s Really Like to Be a Phone-Sex OperatorThe lead plaintiff in a class-action lawsuit against a national phone-sex provider takes us through a day in her life.
  10. recommendations
    The Destination I Cannot Stop Thinking (or Talking) AboutWelcome to Froggyland.
  11. recommendations
    Go Buy a Treadmill Desk Right NowIt keeps you from feeling like you’re dying all the time.
  12. first person
    I’ve Been on Every Honeymoon and Here’s What I LearnedNewlyweds are the worst.
  13. modest proposals
    Delete Grindr. Join Book Club.Like a good dinner party, gay book clubs succeed where dating apps and bars fail.
  14. first person
    Why I Haven’t Talked to My Father in 17 Years“We celebrate when a victim of domestic violence breaks free from an abusive spouse. Why is it any different with parents?”
  15. Why I Risked My Life to Drive in Saudi ArabiaSaudi activist Manal al-Sharif shares the story behind the Women to Drive movement.
  16. first person
    My PTA Meetings Are a Perfect Metaphor for Trump’s America“Turns out nothing reveals who you really are like dealing with children and how to raise them.”
  17. adventures
    America’s Biggest Sephora Is Like Mount Rushmore, But EducationalI recently spent two hours there.
  18. magical thinking
    Drugstore Beauty in Other Countries Is the BestShopping is more fun when you don’t know what you’re buying.
  19. Creating a Community for My Black DaughterAll the mom groups seemed to be made up of white faces, so I made my own.
  20. warnings
    I Worked at Fyre Festival. It Was Always Going to Be a Disaster.“We were standing in an empty gravel pit trying to figure out how to build a festival village from scratch”
  21. bearing children
    I Finally Understand Online Mom DramaBecause sometimes I participate.
  22. How Cell Phones Are Changing the Therapist-Patient RelationshipA psychiatrist’s thoughts on bringing smartphones into a session.
  23. How TV Taught Me to Cut MyselfFor teens struggling with mental-health issues, pop-culture depictions of self-harm can inadvertently serve as an instruction manual.
  24. motherhood
    Why Didn’t I Get Help for Postpartum Depression Sooner?I had every resource available, but that wasn’t enough.
  25. feature
    Jerry Saltz: My Life As a Failed ArtistDecades after giving up the dream for good, an art critic returns to the work he’d devoted his life to, then abandoned — but never really forgot.
  26. motherhood
    I Can’t Hate This Fundraising Ad About the Moms of Sick KidsAs the mom of a sick kid, I thought I could find a way.
  27. first person
    Talking to the Popular Girls, 20 Years LaterHow did the girls I once loved and longed to be remember their clique?
  28. Why Can’t I Keep a Plant Alive?Confessions from a deranged horticultural journey.
  29. Am I Going to Have Another Baby?I’ve never resented the question more than I do now.
  30. first person
    Other People’s Clothes Are the Best ClothesMy own clothes are so dreary in comparison.
  31. What I Remember About the Moms Who Paid Me to BabysitLooking back, now that I’m a mom.
  32. Am I Finally Done With White Guys?I used to pine after white boys. Then Trump got elected.
  33. flashbacks
    Corinne Eviscerated Mean Girls on The Bachelor. Just Like My Mom Taught Me To.The former contestant confronted bullies with the same tactics I learned in fifth grade.
  34. My Mother’s MurderShe disappeared when I was four. It was years before I understood why.
  35. first person
    Why Did Everyone Act Like I Was Crazy When I Decided to Have a Baby in My 20s?“Don’t you think you’re too young to have a kid?” my friends would ask.
  36. online dating
    How I Decide Who Gets Banned on OkCupidModerating sexts is a careful art.
  37. first person
    When Good Christian Girls Need Planned ParenthoodThey were there for me when no one else was.
  38. advice
    How to Help a Friend Who’s Going Through Something HorribleIf you think you don’t need this book, you probably do.
  39. politics
    Lessons From Putin’s Russia for Living in Trump’s AmericaOnce you lose faith in one institution, you start to lose faith in them all.
  40. first person
    A March Can Change Your LifeLooking back to 2004 — and ahead to January 21.
  41. book excerpt
    My First Day Microdosing With LSDThe drug was a new treatment for my mood disorder — and the first problem was how to buy it.
  42. ghosts of christmas past
    Home Is Where the Weird Clothes Are’Tis the season for high-school sweatpants with paw prints on the butt.
  43. trump's america
    After the Election, the White People of Los Angeles Adopted PetsAnd I was one of them.
  44. disappointment
    If Trump Scares You, You’re Getting a Glimpse of What It Feels Like to Be BlackDisappointment of this kind courses through your veins when you live as a person of color in this world.
  45. election 2016
    What It Felt Like to Spend Last Night in Trump CountryWith the Trump supporters I couldn’t hate.
  46. field trips
    I Spent a Weekend With the Most Grateful Gilmore Girls Fans in the WorldThere are few times in life when one gets to dive so deeply and shamelessly into her small, dorky obsession.
  47. first person
    What This Is Us Gets Right About Being a Black Kid in a White FamilyAs a black adoptee raised in a white family, watching the show touches on some truths.
  48. first person
    Laughing Until We Cry: Conversations About Getting Flashed, Grabbed, and GropedWomen are just now letting men in on the talks we’ve always had.
  49. first person
    On Being the Media’s Token Muslim GirlIf I was a Muslim woman with darker skin, I doubt I’d be getting as much airtime as I am right now.
  50. perfect 10
    You’re Doing Your Kid a Favor by Being an Imperfect ParentShow them that being a human means trying and failing.
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