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Will Mary Sue Win This Thing Or What?

Sure, all these events surrounding the Top Chef Masters finale could just be promotions. But could they also be predictions?

By Hadley Tomicki

Danny’s Dreamland

Danny Meyer talks about his dreams, and they involve Floyd Cardoz and Sarah Palin.

By Daniel Maurer

A Toddle Around Jackson Heights With Floyd Cardoz of Tabla

Many are the times that we’ve found ourselves wandering around the Indo-Pak wonderland that is Jackson Heights, wishing we only knew a little more about what was behind the counters in all those sweet shops, restaurants, and grocery stores. So we recruited Tabla’s Floyd Cardoz, arguably the country’s top Indian-American fusion cook, and asked him if he would give us a quick guided tour. Floyd assented, and we headed off to Queens in a 1990 white Coupe DeVille, with empty stomachs and open ears.