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Flying The Friendly Skies

  1. air travel
    Woman Says Flight Attendants Did Nothing to Protect Her From Masturbating ManAmerican Airlines apologized for its “disappointing service.”
  2. viral videos
    American Airlines Apologizes for Flight-Attendant Incident With Mom and StrollerThings get tense over a baby stroller in this viral video.
  3. TSA Is No Match for Crafty 9-Year-Old Boy Flying to Vegas Without TicketGovernment shutdown is a poor excuse.
  4. FAA Likely to Allow Electronics As Soon As Next YearE-readers are in; e-mail is out.
  5. Michael Bloomberg Breaks Curfew in His HelicopterWill he be grounded?
  6. baldwinning
    The FAA Is Allowing iPad Use in the Cockpit of AirplanesPaging Alec Baldwin.