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Folk Heroes

  1. Viral-Video Hero Flees Murder ChargeWanted in New Jersey.
  2. It Wasn’t Sex That Steven Slater and His Boyfriend Were Having When the Cops Showed UpIt was prayer.
  3. Wall Street Hero John Kinnucan Gets Second Visit From FBI ‘Suits’I know I’m the biggest whack job on the planet, but I feel fine.”
  4. Float-Crashing Beauty Queen Did It for the StoryDavina Reeves has grown on us.
  5. Steven Slater Admits to Being ‘Alcoholically Involved’ on FlightJetBlue attendant tells Larry King he might have had a “sip or two” before his freakout.
  6. JetBlue Attendant Steven Slater Stomps Out the Dying Embers of Our Folk-Hero FantasyHe pleaded guilty and will undergo counseling.
  7. And As for Folk-Hero Flight Attendant Steven Slater ...Has he escaped the rat race for good?
  8. Steven Slater’s Story Is More Nuanced Than We Originally Heard(A) Duh. (B) We don’t care.
  9. Actressy-Looking Dry-Erase Girl Turns Out To Be An ActressJenny” turns out to be a hoax.
  10. Steven Slater: The BalladsNow THAT’s more like it.
  11. Steven Slater Released From Jail, Posts $2,500 BailFolk hero says he “appreciates the support.”
  12. Another Excellent Way to Say ‘I Quit’A girl quits her job via dry-erase board. (Supposedly.)
  13. So Is Berserk Jetblue Flight Attendant Steven Slater a Folk Hero Yet?Kinda, but it won’t last.
  14. Ronald Tackman Made Brief Stop at Mom’s House Before Disappearing Into the EtherThe escaped convict changes clothes, tells ma it’s all right.