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    Carly Rae Jepsen’s Greatest Hit: This Vine Meme“Run Away With” this “Me”me.
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    New Jersey Lawmaker Wants to Ban Texting While Walking, Which: Good LuckYou can pry my smartphone from my cold, dead hands (after I’m run over by a truck).
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    How to Deal With Instagram’s Coming Algorithm Apocalypse: Do Nothing[Points up and to the right]
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    Snapchat Buys Bitmoji, the Cartoon App Moms Love, for $100 MillionFor when words fail you.
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    The Grand Theft Auto Deer Cam Is MesmerizingThey’ve named him Edgar.
  6. Imagining Apple’s First Original Series, Which Is, I’m Not Kidding, ‘About Apps’Apps are so hot right now.
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    Demolition Crew Blames Google Maps for Destroying the Wrong House“Whooooooops.”
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    One Man Deleted 11 Lines of Code From the Internet and Broke Hundreds of AppsThis is what happens when you’re overly dependent on dependencies.
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    Could Old Web-Forum Troll Tactics Save Journalism? Jeff Bezos Thought MaybeDisemvowel the media.
  10. Two Very Good Reasons to Upgrade to iOS 9.3 As Soon As PossibleApple fixed two major security bugs in its latest iOS upgrade.
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    Lots of People Are Streaming Music, But Vinyl Is Making More MoneyThat’s a lot of hipsters.
  12. Report: Israeli Firm Is Helping FBI Crack San Bernardino iPhoneUnsurprisingly, they haven’t commented.
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    Pornhub Just Launched a VR Porn Section — and We’ve Got Sexy ScreenshotsIf you like Oculus Rift–optimized porn, that is.
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    ‘Don’t Talk to Me or My Son Ever Again’: A Guide to a Great MemeSons are finally memes.
  15. Jury Adds Even More Damages to Hogan VerdictAnother $25 million.
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    Man Accidentally Receives Random Birth Announcement, Shows Up AnywayHow nice.
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    What You Need to Know About Apple’s New, Smaller Phones and iPadsMost of the upgrades are minor steps, not major leaps.
  18. Why Twitter Made It 10 Years (and Will Make It Another 10)It’s an easily searchable, public database.
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    Florida Jury Awards Hulk Hogan $115 Million in Gawker Sex Tape SuitThe judgment represents Gawker’s worst-case scenario.
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    Twitter Was Never Going to Raise the Character LimitMore freak-outs over nothing.
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    This Live Eagle Cam Has Really Been Doing It for Me This WeekIt’s riveting for two big reasons: There are eggs that can hatch at any moment, and Mr. President is an unabashed shithead.
  22. FBI Adds Car Hacking to the List of Things You Need to Worry AboutJust one of many.
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    Hamburger Papaw Is Doing All Right“He’s fine!” his granddaughter reports.
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    Google Puts Terrifying Robot Future Company Up for SaleOur robot overlords aren’t dead yet.
  25. Like You, San Francisco BART Gets Dark and Existential on Twitter Late at Night“This is our reality.”
  26. Can You Treat Art Like an App? Kanye Wants to Find OutWhat if music had its own form of version control?
  27. Hey, Don’t Trust That Facebook Page You Love So MuchThere’s a lot of bad science out there.
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    If This Blog Post Loads Too Slowly, Your Heart Will ExplodeLike, really stressed.
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    Instagram Considers an Algorithmic TimelineAlgorithms for everyone.
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    Everything Upon Which Anonymous Has Declared WarThe latest in a long line of wars.
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    Twitch Channel Changes Hands in Divorce, Prompting Death ThreatsFans are not handling this well.
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    At the Hogan Trial, the Jury Makes a Surprise Bid to Be the Slimiest CharacterGawker talkers wrestle with wrestler.
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    Counterterrorism Expert Richard Clarke: ‘The FBI Are on Their Own’He’s skeptical of the agency’s motives.
  34. This Teenager Just Won $250,000 in a Drone-Racing CompetitionHe’s 15.
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    Amazon Wants to Let You Pay With a SelfieBlink twice to confirm.
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    Get Ready for Another Encryption Fight: Feds vs. FacebookEncryption makes wiretaps warrants useless.
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    5 Good Internet Things You Might’ve Missed This WeekOnly good stuff within.
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    NPR Segment on Amazon Echo Accidentally Activates Robot Army of SpeakersThey’re always listening.
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    Why We Love Snapchat’s Face SwapsWe like them because we fear them.
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    A Sex-Tape Expert Explains Their Web EconomyA tape’s mere existence can be a lucrative development.
  41. You Guys Hear About This Apple Event?Happy National Apple-Event-Invitation Day, the first day of the multi-week holiday known as New Apple Product Season.
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    Imagine Being on a Plane With This Guy“Totality! Totality!”
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    Did a Gawker Editor Really Say This?Sarcasm is great for blog posts, and very, very bad for depositions.
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    This Week’s Most Popular Video Game Is a Waiting-in-Line SimulatorFans are divided over the Division.
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    How MIT’s New Tech Can Load Web Pages 34% FasterThat means more time to engage with content, which you love to do.
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    Capitalism Finally Defeats Meme Hero the Most Interesting Man in the WorldGet you a man who can do Dos.
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    There’s a Secret Kaomoji Keyboard on Your iPhoneStep up your texting game.
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    Catching Up With the Hulk Hogan Sex-Tape Trial: All of Your Questions, AnsweredHogan leaves the squared circle for another arena.
  49. Harassment of Women May Be ‘Established Norm’In case you weren’t already aware.
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    Everyone Hates Email — Because It WorksEmail isn’t bad. It just reflects our badness back to us.
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