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  1. can u not
    Dad of Football Player Accused of Rape: It Was Consensual Because Girls Want HimThis high-schooler’s dad needs to stop talking.
  2. oh say
    Aretha Franklin Sings a 5-Minute National AnthemFive more minutes than we deserve.
  3. sequential art
    On Marvel’s Chaotic Football Comic Kickers, Inc.Revisiting the tales and tax concerns of Jack “Mr. Magnificent” Magniconte, Suicide, Brick Wall, and Dasher.
  4. Trump Ad Appeals to Guys Who Love Washington’s Football Team’s Insensitive Name“Hillary’s priorities are not your priorities,” unless, like her, you haven’t thought about this issue in the past two years.
  5. The Election Is So Nuts That 500 Corporations Are Blaming It for Bad PerformanceThe only thing more powerful than the weather or Kim Kardashian.
  6. Eating Disorders
    Penn State Football Player Reveals He Has an Eating Disorder in ‘Brave’ PostJoey Julius’s coach and teammates have voiced their support since the announcement.
  7. Wellness Theories
    Alyssa Milano on Football, Spinning, and Why She Hates Eating AloneThe mom of two young kids says wellness is a balancing act.
  8. the long game
    The NFL Is Taking Steps to Recruit More WomenIt’s part of a major push for gender equality.
  9. tributes
    The Minnesota Vikings Had a ‘Purple Rain’ Sing-along for Prince at HalftimeAnd now you’re crying purple tears.
  10. unwifeable
    7 Things Football Taught Me About Fighting With My HusbandI’m going to start yelling “touchdown!” when I’m right.
  11. Tom Brady Has Never Eaten a Strawberry in His Entire LifeAnd he doesn’t plan on trying one now.
  12. By Staying Silent, Roger Goodell and the NFL Have Come Out on TopHow the league’s arch-villain beat back a very loud chorus of critics.
  13. trailer mix
    Watch the Trailer for Netflix’s Last Chance UAmerican football, not European football, obviously.
  14. the grub street diet
    New York Giant Rashad Jennings Uses Spicy Food to Take the Edge Off a Hard DaySpice has a lot of healing antioxidants.”
  15. Baylor Demotes University President, Fires Coach for Mishandling Rape ClaimsAthletics staff “improperly discredited” rape victims and “denied them a right to a fair investigation.”
  16. crimes and misdemeanors
    Baylor Demotes University President, Fires Coach for Mishandling Rape ClaimsAthletics staff “improperly discredited” rape victims and “denied them a right to a fair investigation.”
  17. crimes and misdeamnors
    Johnny Manziel Booked in Texas on Assault ChargeHe’ll make his first court appearance on Thursday.
  18. Appeals Court Rules That Tom Brady’s Deflategate Suspension Is Back OnFifteen months later, Deflategate is still happening.
  19. Rex Ryan Will Introduce Donald Trump at His Buffalo Rally TonightThe two men have been compared in the past.
  20. Giants Avoid Using the Name ‘Redskins’ in Schedule Posted on TwitterBut if the Giants are trying to take a stand here, they’re not fully committing.
  21. NFL Coach Believes Moms Are Football’s Greatest EnemyIt’s definitely not traumatic head injury.
  22. Report: The NFL’s Concussion Research Was Even Shoddier Than Anyone ThoughtMore than 100 concussions were omitted from the data.
  23. Top NFL Official Sort of Admits There’s a Link Between Football and CTEIt’s the first time a high-ranking NFL official has acknowledged the link.
  24. To the Surprise of No One, the Browns Have Waived Johnny ManzielThey’d all but said last month that they’d be parting ways with him.
  25. Ricardo Lockette: I Could Have Died on the Field[The doctors] said if I would have stood up then, the weight of my head – left, right, front, back – I would have died.”
  26. After a Dramatic Rise and Fall, Robert Griffin III Has Been Cut by WashingtonInjuries derailed his career even before his thrilling rookie season had ended.
  27. An LAPD Cop Found a Knife at O.J. Simpson’s House, and Never Turned It InTMZ says a cop had secretly held on to it for years.
  28. Bart Starr’s College Hazing Was So Brutal He Never Fully RecoveredHis wife says he’d long hid the story of how he really hurt his back.
  29. Jason Pierre-Paul Suing ESPN and Adam SchefterSchefter tweeted an image of Pierre-Paul’s medical records days after the Giants defensive end injured his hand in a fireworks accident.
  30. campus sexual assault
    Football Player Attacked for Helping Rape VictimA new lawsuit filed against the University of Tennessee says members of the football team assaulted a teammate for aiding a rape survivor.
  31. NFL Wrongly Withheld Millions From Its PlayersAn arbitrator ruled in favor of the NFLPA.
  32. Eli Manning’s Blank Super Bowl Stare, ExplainedGo for one, or go for two?
  33. football
    Should Pediatricians Recommend Banning Youth Tackle Football?“Physicians have a role to play in shifting the culture when it results in harm to children’s long-term health.”
  34. office hours
    How to Talk About the Super Bowl With Your Dudebro ColleaguesDon’t get boxed out by bullies.
  35. super bowl halftime show
    Watch Beyoncé, Bruno Mars, and Coldplay’s Super Bowl Halftime PerformanceColdplay shined the Beyoncé signal, and, yep, she came to slay.
  36. The NFL’s Concussion-Research Controversy, ExplainedAn ESPN report looks at whether the NFL steers research away from some uncomfortable truths.
  37. 10 Things to Know About Super Bowl 50The Broncos and Panthers meet for the NFL championship.
  38. the sports section
    QB Ken Stabler Had a Degenerative Brain DiseaseStabler died in July.
  39. Report: The Browns Will Cut Ties With Johnny ManzielThe quarterback is out of chances in Cleveland.
  40. Diagnosed Concussions Were Up in the NFL This SeasonBut so were the number of players evaluated.
  41. Raiders to Meet With Adelson About Vegas StadiumThe team’s search for a new stadium continues.
  42. Advanced CTE Found in Late Former Giants Safety Tyler SashSash died last year at 27.
  43. 10 Things to Know About Sunday’s Tom Brady–Peyton Manning ShowdownIt’s the 17th, and possibly last, time they’ll meet.
  44. historical hire
    The Bills Hired Female Coach, Kathryn SmithStep back, boys. There’s a new coach in town. 
  45. Do Not Try to Play With These Fashion FootballsOnly for looking. Not for touching.
  46. With Victories by Carolina and Denver, the NFL’s Conference Title Games Are SetIt’ll be Arizona versus Carolina, and New England versus Denver.
  47. Cardinals Top Packers in Wild Overtime GameIt included a controversial coin toss.
  48. Billionaire Former Vikings Owner Is Trying to Lure the Raiders to San AntonioThe Raiders probably aren’t moving to Los Angeles, so Red McCombs wants them to give San Antonio a shot.
  49. The Bizarre Details of Chandler Jones’s Reported Bad Synthetic-Weed ReactionHe was seeking help.
  50. Meet Ben McAdoo, the New Head Coach of the GiantsThe team has announced that he’ll replace Tom Coughlin.
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