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Fordham University

  1. the chain gang
    Fordham Students Are the Latest to Successfully Fight Off a Campus Chick-fil-AAn LGBTQ group complained.
  2. Fordham University Shows Why Liberals Should Fight for Campus Free SpeechThe school’s attempts to squelch pro-Palestinian advocacy show what happens to liberal causes where free-speech norms are weak.
  3. amazing coincidences
    Are You This Woman? If So, Tom Hanks Has Your Student IDGood news, Lauren.
  4. unfortunate coincidences
    Other Things Called ISIS Not Necessarily Changing Their NamesFordham University’s feminist group, for instance, doesn’t plan on it.
  5. higher education
    Fordham to 2,500 Applicants: Congratulations! (Just Kidding)Screwing with applicants en masse.
  6. making out
    Campus Afraid That the Internet Will See Them Making OutFordham University students captured mid-DFMO.
  7. Dubious Honors
    Fordham Serves the Country’s Foulest FoodRaise your glass of Duane Reade Champagne.
  8. fashion law
    Diane Von Furstenberg Wields a Gavel for Fashion LawThe CFDA president helped welcome Fordham’s new Fashion Law Institute.
  9. fashion law
    Fordham’s New Fashion Law Institute Will Serve, Protect, Talk ShoesFrom copyright infringement to signing a store lease, director Susan Scafidi gives us the lowdown on the new center.
  10. loose threads
    Model Ambrose Olsen Died; Kira Plastinina Opens Stores AbroadAlso, Gisele and Tom’s new house in California sure looks fabulous.
  11. Mediavore
    Boston Bans Trans Fats, Too; Food to Eat This FallCB 6 takes a stand against drunk Fordham residents, and the host of ‘Bizarre Foods’ actually likes eating all that weird stuff, in our summary of the morning headlines.
  12. neighborhood watch
    Yuppies Discouraged From Partying in Tompkins Square ParkPlus plaster nearly falling on East Harlem babies before their souls are insured and a cure for killer staph in the Gowanus Canal. Why wait? Click through today’s boroughs report!
  13. neighborhood watch
    Astor Place to Get Slightly Less Life-ThreateningScruffles are playing in the streets in Jackson Heights. Gays are scared for their Vespas in Chelsea. Some other group of people is turning in its Uzis in Clinton Hill. And everybody is reading our daily boroughs report.
  14. neighborhood watch
    Edgar Allen Poe’s House to Get More RavenlikeIt’s July, which comes in like a candy-bearing Park Slope kiddie Evangelist! Or a rappeling, stalking obsessive UWS construction worker! Or a long-dead writer whose Bronx getaway’s getting a face-lift! Or … well … just read today’s boroughs roundup!
  15. apropos of nothing
    ‘The Sopranos’: The Academic SymposiumPresentations include “Comfortably Numb? The Sopranos, New Brutalism and the Last Temptation of Chris.”