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  1. global warming
    Will the Paris Climate Accord Really Change the World?Some are celebrating the agreement as the end of the fossil-fuel era, while others worry it’s all just empty talk.
  2. suffrage
    Women Vote, Get Elected for the First Time in Saudi ArabiaTurnout was high among women, and at least 19 female candidates were elected.
  3. scary things
    London Subway Stabbing Being Investigated As a Terrorist AttackThe incident happened just days after the U.K. authorized military airstrikes against ISIS.
  4. middle east tourism
    Ben Carson Prefers Syrian Refugee Camps to America — for Syrian RefugeesHe visited two camps in Jordan and came away even more convinced that Syrian refugees shouldn’t be accepted into the U.S.
  5. foreign affairs
    Putin Imposes Sanctions on Turkey Over Downed WarplaneMeanwhile, the U.S. is calling for Turkish troops to seal much of the Syrian border in order to combat ISIS.
  6. Object That ‘May Resemble an Explosive Belt’ Reportedly Found in Paris SuburbMeanwhile, Brussels is still on lockdown — and will remain so for at least one more day.
  7. What We Know About the Paris AttackersThe suspected architect of the Paris attacks is now dead. 
  8. paris attacks
    What the Paris Attacks Reveal About the New Threat of ISISThe terror group is deploying a brutal global strategy, and it seems to be succeeding.
  9. isis
    U.S. Says It Has Killed the Leader of ISIS in LibyaThe Pentagon insists the strike was initiated prior to the terrorist attacks in France.
  10. Lebanon’s ISIS Problem Is Spinning Out of ControlA bombing killed 43 people yesterday. In Beirut, a lot of people see it as just the beginning.
  11. foreign affairs
    Opposition Poised to Win Myanmar’s First Free General Election in 25 YearsThe voting seems to have gone smoothly, marking a major milestone in the country’s transition to democracy.
  12. russian plane crash
    Sudden Noise Recorded in Russian Airliner’s Last MomentAnalysis of the flight’s black box seems to support the theory that a bomb destroyed the plane.
  13. handshakes
    Leaders of China and Taiwan Meet for the First TimeIt’s unclear whether anything will actually change between the two rival countries as a result, however.
  14. awful things
    Airline Official Believes Russian Plane Crash Caused by ‘External Impact’Authorities have yet to pinpoint the exact reason a plane with 224 people inside disintegrated in the air last weekend. 
  15. foreign affairs
    Erdoğan Wins Big in Turkish ElectionHe and his ruling political party have regained their parliamentary majority in the troubled country after a deeply divisive campaign.
  16. foreign affairs
    New Video Shows Raid on ISIS Prison by U.S. and Kurdish ForcesA member of the U.S. Delta Force, now identified, was the only rescuer killed in the operation. 
  17. extreme weather
    Weakened Hurricane Patricia Mostly Spares Mexico, Now a Tropical DepressionSo far no deaths or major damage have been reported, but the risk of flooding and mudslides remains high. 
  18. syria
    The Meaning of Russia’s Intervention in SyriaAs Putin embarks on what may be a new Soviet-style misadventure, a variety of experts debate the possible endgames, as well as a possible U.S. alliance.
  19. terrorism
    Scores Dead After Bombs Target Turkish Peace RallyAt least 97 people were killed and 400 wounded after unknown assailants targeted a protest in Ankara. It’s the deadliest terrorist attack in modern Turkey’s history.
  20. terrible things
    U.S. Air Strike Hits Hospital in AfghanistanA Doctors Without Borders medical facility in Kunduz was bombed early Saturday morning, killing at least 19 and injuring dozens.
  21. isis
    Report: ISIS Has Recruited as Many as 30,000 Foreigners in the Past YearA new U.S. intelligence assessment says international efforts to stem the tide have mostly failed.
  22. uk politics
    Jeremy Corbyn and the British Left’s RebellionWhat will the socialist candidate’s stunning win mean for U.K. politics, and how are Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders just like him?
  23. migrant crisis
    Germany to Close Its Borders to MigrantsOverwhelmed with tens of thousands of new arrivals, the country has invoked emergency powers to stem the tide.
  24. migrant crisis
    Thousands More Migrants Reach GermanyAnd with German officials worrying about resources and space, Austria says it will soon reinstitute restrictions on further migration.
  25. last straws
    Letter From a City Buried in Garbage — and on the Brink of Civil WarIn Beirut, the corrupt government can’t figure out how to pick up the garbage. Is this the final straw for a nation long teetering on the edge of violence?
  26. migrant crisis
    Suffocated Migrants Were Victims of International Smuggling SyndicateFour low-level operatives have been arrested following the discovery of 71 asphyxiated migrants in a European truck. 
  27. foreign affairs
    Egyptian Court Finds Al Jazeera Journalists GuiltyThey have been sentenced to three years in prison, after what was widely considered to be a sham trial. 
  28. foreign affairs
    In Final Speech, Obama Asks Kenyans to Build New Traditions On the last day of his historic trip, the president challenged Kenya to take a hard look at its past and present.
  29. foreign affairs
    In Return to Kenya, Obama Promotes Equal Rights and Economic GrowthIn the first-ever visit by a sitting U.S. president, Obama pushed for gay rights, increased counterterrorism ties, and more foreign investment.
  30. awful things
    How ISIS Abducts, Recruits, and Trains Children to Become JihadistsThe brainwashed kids are even taught how to execute prisoners by practicing beheadings on dolls.
  31. Could the Iran Deal Lead to an Economic Windfall?If sanctions are lifted, Western businesses may gain access to an enormous new market.
  32. foreign affairs
    What Critics Are Saying About the Iran DealSome of the pushback and praise being offered in response to Obama’s big diplomatic news.
  33. isis
    ISIS Claims Responsibility for Attack on Italian Embassy in EgyptAt least one person is dead after a car bomb was detonated in a busy part of Cairo.
  34. foreign affairs
    Greek Voters Overwhelmingly Reject Bailout TermsWhat that means for the future of Greece, and the eurozone, is unclear.
  35. politics
    With Another Deadline Looming, a Nuclear Deal With Iran Remains UncertainSome reports have suggested an agreement is close, but Secretary of State John Kerry says it could still go “either way.”
  36. awful things
    A Look at the Fear and Despair in GreeceWith Sunday’s bailout referendum looming, one man’s experience helps illustrate the tensions overwhelming the country.
  37. foreign affairs
    U.S. May Store Heavy Weapons in Eastern EuropeThe proposal is a significant return to Cold War thinking, as fears of Russian aggression continue to rise.
  38. natural disasters
    India Is Enduring a Deadly Heat WaveAt least 1,400 have been killed, as temperatures soar as high as 122 degrees Fahrenheit.
  39. awful things
    Mass Graves of Human Trafficking Victims Found in MalaysiaMen, women, and children were kept in cages while smugglers used them for ransom. Others have been abandoned at sea.
  40. foreign affairs
    Is It Time to Change the Strategy Against ISIS?After the fall of Ramadi, some are wondering if the U.S. is losing another war in Iraq.
  41. John Kerry on Execution in North Korea: ‘Grotesque, Grisly, Horrendous’“One of the most egregious examples of reckless disregard for human rights and human beings anywhere on the planet.” 
  42. foreign affairs
    Can Israel and U.S. Repair Relations?It’s not the first time this “special relationship” has been on the rocks.
  43. charlie hebdo
    Scenes From Last Night’s Charlie Hebdo Protests in Paris“Charliberté!”
  44. foreign affairs
    Can Americans Stomach Another ISIS Slaughter?Officials in the city of Kobani are warning of “5,000 dead within 24 or 36 hours.”
  45. international intrigue
    Scenes From Scotland’s Independence VoteThe yes or no question with global consequences.
  46. Obama Stands Up to ISIS, Still Needs AlliesIf the U.S. wants to avoid sending troops into combat, it needs friends to do the fighting.
  47. foreign affairs
    Obama Announces 4-Point Plan to ‘Hunt Down’ ISIS TerroristsIncluding air strikes in Syria and sending in more U.S. troops.
  48. foreign affairs
    Obama Sends 350 More Troops to IraqIt wasn’t a response to the new execution video.
  49. great moments in cable news
    Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson on ISIS: ‘Convert Them or Kill Them’He offered some trenchant analysis on Fox News.
  50. bring back our girls
    80 U.S. Troops Sent to Find Nigerian Girls“The force will remain in Chad until its support in resolving the kidnapping situation is no longer required.”
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