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Juicy Couture Targets Bad Boys, Will Make Slogans for Tushes of All Ages

Juicy Couture has big, bad plans to expand, starting with a new fragrance for men called Dirty English. The label's founders Gela Nash-Taylor and Pamela Skaist-Levy say the fragrance is a mixture of Anglomania, CZ Guest, and a "dash of attitude inspired by a 1976 review of a Sex Pistols concert." What man wouldn't want to smell like the British, a female beauty icon, and a smelly Sex Pistols concert?

Beauty Marks: Get a Whiff of Halle Berry

• Halle Berry signed a $3 million deal with Coty to develop a fragrance launching next year in mid-tier department stores. You’ll have to go JC Penney to smell like a million bucks. Oh, irony. [WWD]
• Lancôme's Pixel Pink shade — created specifically for Thakoon’s spring 2008 show — is still available at the Lancôme boutique on the Upper West Side (in limited quantities). [Makeup Minute]

How Not to Market the Justin Timberlake Scent

Today's WWD brings news that Justin Timberlake will "front" a scent for Givenchy this fall. Apparently, Timberlake had nothing to do with the creation of the scent but did smell it before he signed his contract, noting, "it's cool." Shouldn't the operative word have been "sexy"?

Lacoste Is So Over the Celebrity Thing

Lacoste doesn’t like famous people. No, seriously: "We don't really care about personalities," said Lacoste designer Christophe Lemaire. "We feel it's a stupid game to play. There are so many famous people wearing Lacoste anyway, we don't need to pretend or show off." [WWD]

What's That You're Wearing? Roast Beef?

Time Bomb
Those of you who don’t already reek of booze should take note: CB I Hate Perfume in Williamsburg will unveil, this week, a new fragrance inspired by one of perfumer Christopher Brosius’s favorite drinks — whiskey and ginger ale with a slice of cucumber. It joins CB’s “food series,” which also includes roast beef, bruschetta, pesto, boiled rice, a California roll, cucumber sandwiches, French bread, and tortilla chips. The scents go for $25 to $35 for fifteen milliliters, but don’t try to buy the food ones on the Website. “I want people to come to the gallery,” Brosius says, “to smell them and know what they’re getting into.” So what are they getting into? We asked the perfumer himself.

The Lavatorial Luxuries of STK: Cologne, Anyone?

The iCrave-designed, see-and-be-seen dining room at STK led us to expect big things from the facilities — maybe a wall of bull horns like the ones behind the bar, or a private, key-access restroom like the one at basement club Tenjune. Alas, it was not to be: When we climbed upstairs, we were greeted by a bathroom attendant and a bowl of Breathsavers.