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  1. Department of Justice Won’t Charge Officers in Freddie Gray’s DeathNone of the officers involved will face criminal repercussions.
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    This Baltimore Photographer Captured Protests After the Death of Freddie GrayPhotographer Devin Allen’s new book A Beautiful Ghetto captures the city in protest.
  3. The Justice Department Issues Scathing Indictment of the Baltimore Police The DOJ found that Baltimore police violated residents’ constitutional rights through unlawful stops and excessive force.
  4. Baltimore Cop Charged for Giving Freddie Gray a ‘Rough Ride’ Is Acquitted Caesar Goodson Jr. faced the most serious of the charges among six police officers. 
  5. First Baltimore Police Officer in Freddie Gray Case Has Been AcquittedThe first of six verdicts. 
  6. Baltimore Officer Made to Testify in Gray CaseNothing he says will be held against him. 
  7. Maryland Court Halts Trials for Cops Involved in Freddie Gray’s DeathThe court wants to consider whether one officer can be forced to testify against the others.
  8. First Cop’s Trial in Freddie Gray Case Ends With Hung JuryThe judge declared a mistrial after jurors said they remained deadlocked in the case of Baltimore police officer William G. Porter.
  9. Freddie Gray Trials Will Stay in BaltimoreThe citizens of Baltimore are not monolithic. They think for themselves.”
  10. Baltimore Reaches $6.4 Million Settlement With Freddie Gray’s FamilyBaltimore’s mayor stressed that the settlement was unrelated to the criminal charges against the police officers involved in Gray’s death.
  11. Judge Lets Marilyn Mosby Stay on Freddie Gray CaseThe judge also denied a motion to dismiss charges against the Baltimore police officers
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    Rihanna Tried to Play a Free Baltimore ConcertShe also had planned to walk with protesters back in May.
  13. Autopsy Says Freddie Gray’s Death Was a HomicideHe sustained a “high-energy injury” in the back of a Baltimore police van.
  14. All 6 Police Officers Indicted in the Death of Freddie GrayA grand jury has approved charges against the Baltimore cops, but is the city’s skyrocketing crime a result of the fallout?
  15. Cops Charged in Freddie Gray’s Death Want Marilyn Mosby Off the Case They’ve accused the prosecutor of “overzealous prosecution.”
  16. Officer Charged in Freddie Gray’s Death Argues That His Arrest Was LegalAnd to prove that point, his lawyer wants access to Gray’s knife.
  17. Baltimore Ends Curfew As National Guard Prepares to Leave It’s going to take a little while for us to get totally back to normal.”
  18. David Brooks Is Not Buying Your Excuses, Poor PeopleThe hottest of Freddie Gray hot takes gets federal spending on poverty wrong. Really wrong.
  19. 7 Things to Know About Marilyn MosbyWhat you need to know about the Baltimore prosecutor leading the Freddie Gray investigation.
  20. State’s Attorney Rules Freddie Gray’s Death a HomicideState’s Attorney Marilyn J. Mosby says that officers did not have probable cause to arrest the 25-year-old. 
  21. Reports: Freddie Gray Broke His Neck in Police Van — But Not IntentionallyThe second prisoner says police are misconstruing his statement.
  22. Police Leak Claims Freddie Gray Was ‘Intentionally Trying to Injure Himself’But a source close to one of the officers says he was hurt before he was put in the police van.
  23. Baltimore Quiets After Police Clash With Protesters Resisting Curfew Thousands of National Guardsmen and police officers were on the streets Tuesday night.
  24. What Is There to Say About the Baltimore Riots?Much of the commentary is channeling the protesters’ outrage and sense of injustice. 
  25. After a Night of Fire, Baltimore Wakes UpAn eye for an eye and we all become blind. We are better than this.”
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    National Guard Activated in Baltimore RiotsRioters have set fires, looted businesses, and injured at least 15 police officers.
  27. Peaceful Protest Ends in Clash With Baltimore Police Around 1,000 people demonstrated against the death of Freddie Gray.
  28. Why Is Freddie Gray Dead?It may have less to do with villainy than tragedy, less to do with racism than race.
  29. ‘Rough Ride’ in Police Van May Have Caused Freddie Gray’s Fatal Spine InjuryThe police commissioner confirmed he wasn’t wearing a seat belt.
  30. Protests Continue As Justice Department Opens Probe of Freddie Gray’s DeathBaltimore’s police department was already under investigation.
  31. Why Did a Baltimore Man Die of a Spinal Injury While in Police Custody?Six officers have been suspended, but police say they have no idea how the 25-year-old was hurt.