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  1. interesting times
    Democrats Can’t Keep Dodging Immigration As a Real IssueTrump’s lies and fear-mongering about the migrant caravan only prove the point.
  2. Trump’s DOE Vows to Help College Students Restrict Free Speech (About Israel)The Trump administration announces that anti-Zionist speech is too politically incorrect and triggering to be allowed on college campuses.
  3. campus controversies
    A CUNY Student Was Investigated for Criticizing IsraelWhen one student can narc on another for being offended by their political opinion, things start to get pretty Kafkaesque.
  4. select all
    The Downloadable Gun Is Dead — for NowA federal judge issued a temporary nationwide ban on blueprints for untraceable 3-D-printed firearms just hours before they posted online.
  5. Red States Defend Free Speech — With Laws Punishing Campus ProtestThese First Amendment-loving states have also passed laws punishing companies that refuse to do business with Israel for political reasons!
  6. Trump Unable to Remember Words to ‘God Bless America’ at Fake Fan RallyThe White House event was heavy on compulsory authoritarian demonstrations of ersatz nationalism, and light on genuine patriotism.
  7. Feds Jailed Gun Owner for Making Politically Incorrect Facebook PostsYou’ll never guess the color of his skin.
  8. power
    Fresno State Professor Speaks Out for First Time Since Barbara Bush BacklashRanda Jarrar stands by her comments, saying: “women of color routinely have their tone policed, their justified anger painted as hatred.”
  9. Donald Trump: The Campus Free-Speech Crisis Is ‘Highly Overblown’The president argues that the media pays too much attention to the illiberal left, which has little influence beyond “one campus or two campuses.”
  10. politics
    Here’s What’s Wrong With the So-Called Anti–Sex Trafficking BillWhile many celebrities have given PSAs in support of SESTA, sex workers say the bill will endanger them.
  11. The Right Is Worse Than the Left on Free Speech. So What?A value is something you hold yourself to, not just something you taunt the other side with.
  12. Court Can Avoid Clash Between Equality, Religious Liberty in Wedding-Cake CaseBy making the decision about free speech rather than a religious exercise, SCOTUS can limit the impact on anti-discrimination laws to a minimum.
  13. Anthony Kennedy Has a Lot of Thinking to DoThe Supreme Court case over a baker who wouldn’t sell to a gay couple will come down to him. His questions in the case suggest a conflicted man.
  14. There Have Been So Many Bad Lefty Free-Speech Takes LatelyJust because the right and the alt-right make silly, hypocritical arguments about free speech doesn’t mean those on the left should follow suit.
  15. Trump Threatens to Revoke NBC’s License to Broadcast NewsThe president has said, “I love the First Amendment. Nobody loves it better than me.”
  16. NFL Looks Ready to Capitulate to Trump on Anthem ProtestsAt first, Trump’s bluster at the NFL over anthem protests seemed to be backfiring. But threats to the wallet seem to have made their mark.
  17. Jeff Sessions Picks a Very Bad Week for a Sermon on Free SpeechThe Snowflake Administration supports the First Amendment for campuses only.
  18. Germany Shuts Down a Left-Wing ‘Extremist’ Website for First TimeGermany’s decision to shut down a social network for anti-capitalists may bear a warning to the American left.
  19. The Boston Rally Exposed the Left’s Intolerance of Free SpeechBoston’s mayor, police force, and protesters combined to shut down an event that was open to a wide range of opinions.
  20. Tens of Thousands March Against Hatred and White Supremacy in BostonBoston’s police commissioner applauded how 99.9 percent of the roughly 40,000 protesters were “standing tall against hatred and bigotry in our city.”
  21. Poll: Most GOP Voters Say Courts Should Fine News Outlets for Biased StoriesAnd 45 percent say courts should be able to “shut down” biased media. Meanwhile, 49 percent of Trump voters say he won the popular vote.
  22. 43 Senators Want to Make It a Federal Crime to Boycott Israeli SettlementsFourteen Democrats co-sponsored a bill that would make supporting a boycott of Israel — or its settlements — punishable by 20 years in prison.
  23. Stop Telling College Students Free Speech Is Traumatizing ThemIf you tell students over and over and over again that certain types of speech are harming them, don’t be surprised when they feel harmed.
  24. Germany Passes Law Penalizing Social Networks for Hate SpeechViolations carry a $57 million fine.
  25. free speech
    Are People Who Defend Free Speech More Racist?A new study suggests that racist people are eager to embrace unprincipled free-speech defenses of racist speech.
  26. What If College Students Have the Same Views on Free Speech As Everyone Else?A new survey highlights the lack of good empirical evidence to suggest that college students are the free-speech enemies many suppose them to be.
  27. Fordham University Shows Why Liberals Should Fight for Campus Free SpeechThe school’s attempts to squelch pro-Palestinian advocacy show what happens to liberal causes where free-speech norms are weak.
  28. The ‘Shut It Down!’ Left and the War on the Liberal MindA noisy, illiberal minority in the progressive movement might not be a minority forever.
  29. canceled
    Students Sue UC Berkeley for Canceling Ann Coulter AppearanceThe lawsuit says the university is discriminating against conservative speakers.
  30. Trump Praises First Amendment, Calls for Media Suppression and Fewer ProtestsThe president told CPAC the media “shouldn’t be allowed” to cite anonymous sources, and suggested people shouldn’t protest after an election.
  31. Attacking Free Speech Is the Wrong Way to Counter Campus Anti-SemitismA new bipartisan bill designed to respond to anti-Semitic hate has some seriously problematic components from a free-speech perspective.
  32. select all
    Do We Want Giant Tech Companies to Be Our Anti-Harassment Overlords?A new Google project highlights the potential for unintended consequences in the fight against harassment.
  33. Why the University of Chicago’s Anti–‘Safe Space’ Letter Is ImportantDid it go a little overboard? Yes. Did it highlight a legitimate issue? Also yes.
  34. We Followed Twitter Pariah and Gamergate Hero Milo Yiannopoulos Around the RNC“It was the best thing they could ever have done for me,” Yiannopoulos says about the Twitter ban.
  35. campus free speech
    How Not to Write About College Students and Free SpeechA new article in The Atlantic does some impressive cherry-picking of student opinion.
  36. House Republicans Hope to Pass This Bill Before Donald Trump Takes OfficeFor some reason, conservatives trust power-mad tyrant Barack Obama — more than their own nominee — to sign a bill targeting frivolous lawsuits against online speech.
  37. Germany to Prosecute Comic for Mocking ErdoganA little-known German law takes a very, well, German approach to the question of whether it’s okay to ridicule representatives of other nations.
  38. Software Can Have OpinionsCode counts as speech — not just because it’s text, but because it expresses values.
  39. Nigerians Protest Social-Media BillEven bad tweets don’t deserve prison time.
  40. millennials
    40 Percent of Millennials Are Okay With the Government Banning Offensive SpeechThis could help explain what’s going on on campuses.
  41. Mizzou Asks Students to Report ‘Hurtful’ SpeechIf possible and if it can be done safely, take a photo of the individual(s) with your cell phone.”
  42. Out-of-Control Weeds Aren’t Free Speech, Says JudgeThe plaintiff’s claim that the free-speech clause insulates all weeds from public control is ridiculous.”
  43. Are Online ‘Threats’ Illegal? SCOTUS Won’t SayThe court dodged the free-speech issues raised by a case about violent rap lyrics.
  44. Charlie Hebdo Rejects Pamela Geller ComparisonsComparing the two is “nonsense,” its film critic says.
  45. What You Need to Know About Pamela GellerShe says the shooting at her Muhammad art show proves her warnings about the “Islamization of America” were right.
  46. New Details Emerge About Texas Gunmen, Adding Fuel to Free-Speech DebateThey were reportedly encouraged online by American extremist Mujahid Miski.
  47. Obama Kicked Off a New Political Era With His SOTU SpeechA liberal agenda for a nation finally emerging from recession.
  48. gamergate
    It’s Not Censorship to Ignore YouGamergate exemplifies anti-feminist free-speech paranoia.
  49. What Was Brandeis Thinking When It Invited Ayaan Hirsi Ali to Speak?The Somali-born feminist and anti-Muslim activist was guaranteed to cause controversy. So why did Brandeis invite and then disinvite her?
  50. NYCLU Free Speech Struggle Over Speeding TicketFuck your shitty town bitches.”
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