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French People

  1. Looking Back on a Year of Obsessive ContouringIn 2015, everyone’s cheekbones really popped.
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    JP Election Centers Around Whole Foods Feud; Moderate Wine Intake Leads to LessPlus hurricane safety tips and more, all in our morning news round-up.
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    Towns Benefit From Meals Tax; Yes, the French Get Flabby, TooPlus the proliferation of farmers’ markets and more, all in our morning news round-up.
  4. Mediavore
    JP’ers Negotiate Community Benefits With Whole Foods; French Guy Buys Really,Plus Hosni Mubarak eschews solids and more, all in our morning news round-up.
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    Watch Bradley Cooper Give a Bad Trip 2 Interview in Fluent FrenchThis is pretty endearing.
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    Watch the Existentialist Star Wars Remake“It is certain that we cannot escape anguish, for we ARE anguish.” –C3PO
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    Man on the Street: Tim Murphy Boards Le Jeanne d’ArcOur man boards a ship full of young French sailors.
  8. oh le taxi
    French Tourists Enlisted As Extras in Cab Driver’s Action Movie of the Mind“We’re going zoom, zoom, zoom.”