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  1. the zucc
    Facebook’s FTC Deal Won’t Change FacebookThe FTC gave Zuckerberg a slap on the wrist.
  2. select all
    How Influencers Get Free Cosmetic Products, and You Can Too!It can be kind of illegal, though.
  3. bbhmoney
    A Bunch of Celebrities Are in Trouble With the FTC for Their Instagram PostsTyping #ad must be hard.
  4. search engines
    FTC Worked Hard on Google InvestigationGoogle is off the hook.
  5. technology
    Facebook Promises FTC a Little More User PrivacyThe settlement includes some concessions and twenty years of privacy audits.
  6. beauty marks
    Katy Perry’s New Fragrance Is No Surprise; Smartphone Acne ‘Cures’ BannedPlus, a student is offended after his teacher Sharpied his head to rectify a hairstyle that contravened his school’s dress code. Oh dear.
  7. ftc
    The FTC Is Not Impressed by the Buttocks of Reebok CustomersAs Asics wearers, we’re not offended.
  8. scams
    15,000 People Purchased ‘Acne-Curing’ Smartphone AppsJust in time for the start of the school year.
  9. ceo correspondence
    Scientologist Infomercial King Has Some Strange Ideas About Fruit Juice, Dictionaries“I am not going to order you to drink juice but you should consider drinking juice.”
  10. ink-stained wretches
    Rupert Murdoch Wants None of FTC’s HelpHis papers will be just fine without it, thanks.
  11. Foodienomics
    South Coast Plaza Dangled Bribes to Bloggers for Quick CoverageSouth Coast Plaza offers $200 in gift certificates to bloggers who write about them.