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  1. 2018 midterms
    Why a Democratic Fundraising Edge Didn’t Matter in ‘16 — and Why It Matters NowAll of Hillary Clinton’s money didn’t save her in 2016. But in the midterm, a Democratic dollar advantage is, at the least, widening the battlefield.
  2. 2020 election
    Trump Has Already Raised More Than $100 Million for 2020Democrats have a lot of catching up to do.
  3. meat alternatives
    The Impossible Burger Officially Cannot Be StoppedThe “bleeding” meat alternative now has $400 million in funding and a dedicated lobbyist in Washington.
  4. Ted Cruz Raised Less Money Than His Democratic Challenger Last QuarterBeto O’Rourke took in $2.4 million last quarter — without taking a cent from corporate PACs.
  5. sexual harassment
    Guests at Exclusive Male-Only Fundraiser Behave Exactly As ExpectedA new report describes the blatant sexual harassment at the Presidents Club Charity Dinner.
  6. do something
    Opening Ceremony Is Hosting a Dance Party to Swing the VoteHelp turn the House of Representatives blue in 2018.
  7. Democratic Challengers to House GOP Incumbents Raising Some Serious DoughIt’s one of many straws in the wind for 2018, but an awful lot of House GOP incumbents are drawing opponents who are raising money. Some will retire.
  8. good causes
    How to Help Victims of California’s Devastating WildfiresWinemakers, sommeliers, and fanatics have organized fundraisers and are donating sales to organizations helping victims.
  9. It’s Too Early for Democrats to Freak Out Over FundraisingWhile the DNC is struggling to keep up with the RNC in fundraising, other sources of campaign financing are more balanced, and it’s very early yet.
  10. Heading Into Stretch in Georgia Special Election, Money No Problem for OssoffNor is it for his Republican rival in what is already the most expensive House race in U.S. history.
  11. There Will Be an All-Female Live Read of Juno to Benefit Planned ParenthoodThe proceeds will go to Planned Parenthood, homeskillets.
  12. foodievents
    Chefs From Egg and Franny’s Are Hosting a Fundraiser to Support RefugeesThe event takes place on Wednesday, February 15.
  13. foodievents
    Feast on Ignacio Mattos’s Cuban Sandwich for a Good CauseBon Appétit’s new fundraising series, “Family Meal,” benefits immigrants.
  14. Donald Trump Has Lost the Faith of His Biggest Donor — HimselfMaybe Trump still thinks he can win. But a new FEC report shows he wouldn’t put money on it. (And neither would his children).
  15. food relief
    Italian Town Aiding Earthquake Victims With PastaAssisi’s restaurants are donating €2 for every pasta all’amatriciana they sell.
  16. fundraising
    Britney Spears, Scream Queens Join Louisiana Flood-Relief EffortsSpears will raffle off the dress she’s wearing at this year’s VMAs to aid Red Cross efforts in the state.
  17. Donald Trump Says Hillary Clinton Is Raising ‘Blood Money’The GOP nominee explains that his failure to raise money proves he can’t be bought.
  18. Donald Trump’s May Financial Report Is Embarrassingly BadHe raised just $3.1 million in May — and 20 percent of his expenditures went to businesses he owns.
  19. Trump Thinks He Can Win in November on the Strength of Free Media AloneTrump told Bloomberg he won’t need to raise much money because he gets “so much publicity.” But the kind of publicity that won him the primary will lose him the general.
  20. Donald Trump Still Hasn’t Solved His Fundraising ProblemHow will a campaign without a finance committee fundraise for the general election?
  21. Democratic Socialist Still Best Capitalist in RaceBernie Sanders raised $44 million in March, likely out-raising Clinton for the third straight month.
  22. Donald Trump Cut Campaign Spending in FebruaryTrump decreased his campaign spending last month, even as all of his opponents increased theirs.
  23. The Best Way to Raise Money for Bernie Sanders Is to Attack HimWhat doesn’t kill Bernie Sanders only makes him better-funded.
  24. Bernie Sanders Makes a MillionBut he’s still got less cash money than Hillary.
  25. Hillary Clinton Has Been Raising Record Amounts of MoneyHer presidential campaign has raised around $45 million since April. 
  26. Giving Back
    This (RED) Campaign Will Make You Feel Better About All That Summer EatingMany restaurants have pledged to donate to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS.
  27. Ted Cruz Raises $1 Million in a Single DayDon’t get too excited. We have at least one month more of presidential announcements to go before we’re done.
  28. Presidential Candidates No Longer Making Millionaires Feel Like a Million BucksMost of the people I talk to are kind of rolling their eyes and saying, “You know, we just don’t count anymore.”
  29. Impeachment Mania Is Sweeping Both PartiesBut it makes John Boehner a grumpy man.
  30. Who Got the Best Deal on Primary Votes?Not John Catsimatidis!
  31. New York City Opera’s Fund-Raising Drive Is Not Going WellIt has less than a quarter of the $7 million it needs by tomorrow.
  32. That Filibuster Was Good to Wendy Davis’s Bottom LineShe’s raised $1.2 million since.
  33. Rand Paul Now Just Screwing With Chris Christie, Peter KingPlans a fund-raising visit after mocking them.
  34. Obama Continues Fund-raising, Though He’s Never Running AgainHopefully he enjoyed that five-month break.
  35. Breaking Campaign Finance Laws on Purpose Makes for Poor Fund-raisingA mayoral candidate’s unique strategy backfires.
  36. President Obama’s Second Inaugural Committee Is Still a Little Short They need at least $10 million more from donors.
  37. Romney and Obama Raised an Absurd Amount of Money in 2012They couldn’t even spend all of it.
  38. ‘47 Percent’ Fund-raiser Host Plans Romney EventSpecial guest: a very tight-lipped Paul Ryan.
  39. highly effective people
    Anna Wintour Is Obama’s Fourth Biggest Fund-raiserMust she do everything herself? 
  40. Romney Widens Cash Advantage, Now Has $62 Million More Than ObamaThe Republican nominee’s money lead has more than doubled since last month.
  41. Monday’s Rush Hour Will Be Especially Bad Guess who will be back in town?
  42. Obama Fund-raiser Sparks ‘Total Insanity,’ Wine Shortages in West VillageResidents were trapped in their cushy apartments, forced to walk several blocks out of their way.
  43. Which Celebrity Should Host Obama’s Next Fund-raiser?Young people can’t relate to Anna Wintour for some reason.
  44. You May Now Make Political Donations via Text MessagePer an FEC ruling on Monday.
  45. Obama to Deliver Commencement Address at Barnard CollegeWhere he’ll receive a medal of distinction.
  46. Obama Seeks to Shore Up the Jewish VoteThe president said that no ally is more important than the state of Israel.
  47. This Whole Debt-Ceiling Debacle Has Been Very Good for Politicians’ Bottom LinesIf not the country’s.
  48. The Money Metric: How GOP Candidates Are DoingEarly fund-raising figures show a slow-starting GOP field.
  49. Obama Expected to Rake in $4 Million From City VisitHe’s still got the magic.
  50. Joe Biden Fund-raises Out of Pure Love for the GameHe loves to schmooze, but he’s not a huge draw on the donation circuit.
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