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Gabrielle Giffords

  1. crazy in arizona
    Congresswoman Giffords ‘Has No Right to Look This Good’She’s also breathing on her own now.
  2. crazy in arizona
    Jared Loughner Appears in Court; Gabrielle Giffords Gives ‘Thumbs-Up‘ to Doctors [Updated]And all the other latest Loughner news.
  3. crazy in arizona
    The Woman Who Helped the Unabomber Avoid the Death Penalty Will Defend Jared LoughnerJudy Clarke is said to be “a master strategist in death-penalty cases.”
  4. crazy in arizona
    Fidel Castro Has an Opinion on the Arizona ShootingNo one gave him the memo on the return to civility.
  5. arizona shooting
    John Heilemann on the Political Language of Violence“The thing that’s more powerful is the emotions behind the words.”
  6. crazy in arizona
    Watch President Obama Standing Very StillHe leads a nationwide moment of silence from the White House.
  7. america's sweetheart
    How Sarah Palin Should Defend Herself Against the (Unfair) Loughner ChargesThat bull’s-eye map is giving her a lot of heat.
  8. arizona shooting
    Tucson Shooter’s Grudge Against Giffords: ‘I Planned Ahead’Loughner’s grudge against Giffords stemmed from an interaction in 2007.
  9. arizona shooting
    Gabrielle Giffords Able to Communicate With Doctors; Jared Loughner Charged With First-Degree MurderThe latest on the tragic shooting in Arizona.
  10. shootings
    Arizona Congresswoman, Seventeen Others Shot [Update: Giffords Survives, Gunman in Custody]Gabrielle Giffords was holding a meeting when the gunman opened fire.
  11. the midterm snapshot
    The Midterm Snapshot: October 29A look at what’s happening in races around the country.