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  1. Rajat Gupta Was on Raj Rajaratnam’s Important People ListTestimony started today in the insider-trading trial.
  2. Danielle Chiesi Settles for $540,000 With SECBet that was one exchange that didn’t feel like an orgasm.
  3. Rajaratnam Closing Arguments Feature Cochran Impersonation, Hipster Eye Roll“If it’s public, you must acquit.”
  4. Raj Rajaratnam Seemed ‘Relaxed’ at Pretrial HearingSuspicious.
  5. Trading Inside Information Was ‘Like an Orgasm’ for Danielle ChiesiA “classic tale of desire and betrayal” from, er, ‘Fortune.’
  6. Yup, Former IBM Chief and Galleon Accomplice Were Boning, U.S. Attorney’s Office ConfirmsWhat? He wouldn’t have mentioned it if it weren’t germane to the case.
  7. Raj Rajaratnam and Rachel Uchitel Are Upset About Being Taken Out of ContextDuh.
  8. Ex–Wall Street Wife Elyse Slaine Is Not HappyThe former Mrs. David Slaine has been subjected to many indignities.
  9. Alleged Rajaratnam Co-Conspirator BucklesMcKinsey partner Anil Kumar, writer of awesome pop songs, looks ready to make a deal with prosecutors.
  10. ballsy crimes
    Raj Rajaratnam Liked Dwarfs, Stun Guns, and Hot Sauce“In the conference room was a dwarf whom Mr. Rajaratnam introduced as an analyst hired to cover ‘small-cap’ stocks.”
  11. things that might once have shocked us
    SEC Investigated Raj Rajaratnam a Decade AgoShockingly, they didn’t find anything.
  12. Analyst Who Fed Raj Rajaratnam Inside Information Was a Total CougarOr was, until she was indicted.
  13. White Collar Crime, Without The CollarA white-collar perp walk, without the collar.
  14. How to Tell You’ve Gone Too Far With Your Financial FraudSEC enforcement director spells it out for the people at home.
  15. ‘Octopussy’ is Just the Tip of the Galleon Nickname IcebergA whole creepy cast of characters including the Greek and someone who went by the code name Artie were involved.
  16. Fourteen Arrested for Insider Trading (Updated)The ringleader was known to the SEC as “Octopussy.”
  17. Raj Rajaratnam Tried to Get Caught But No One Would Catch HimAlmost busted in 2000 and 2001.
  18. Raj Rajaratnam Would Never Abandon All That Sweet Real Estate Just to Avoid PrisonThe idea that Mr. Rajaratnam would simply abandon those properties … is neither realistic nor credible.”
  19. Before He Was Arrested for Insider Trading, Bob Was the Most Fun Guy at the OfficeThe IBM executive arrested for giving tips to the Galleon Group was known for his fun outfits and office games.
  20. Alleged Inside-Trader Anil Kumar Is SadWhich is why it’s so weird to listen to his song, which is very, very happy.
  21. Hedge-Funders Are Now Supposed to Be Nervous About the SECPerhaps for the first time.
  22. Rajaratnam Gave Lots of Money to the Tamil TigersThis isn’t going to end well.
  23. Hedge Fund Galleon Had Its Own RapThis may be the first time there’s been a shout-out to “the northeast corner of 57th and Lex” in a rap song.
  24. Hedge-Funder Raj Rajaratnam Got Cranky When People Refused to Partake in His Insider-Trading SchemeRaj Rajaratnam, the billionaire founder of New York–based hedge fund Galleon Group, has been arrested. Things look pretty bad.