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That's Mister Mr. to You

Takashi Murakami has already spawned multiple editions of just about every object imaginable — so it was only a matter of time before he spawned a candy-colored disciple too (or two, or, twenty, actually). Enter the first: Mr. (yes, just Mr.), a mysterious protégé and a product of Murakami's "factory"-like Kaikai Kiki company-collective. Mr. wraps up his New York solo debut tomorrow at Lehmann Maupin. —Rachel Wolff

Art Opening: Canvas Is the New Flesh

It seems inevitable, really, that artistically underrated tattoo artists would eventually invade the downtown gallery scene — they're charged, after all, with not only the daunting task of flawless execution but also with achieving the sort of on-the-spot originality that will appease even the pickiest patron. And tomorrow night, it finally happens. That's when Fuse Gallery, on Second Avenue in the East Village, opens "Draw," an exhibition celebrating those who can do, well, just that. The show includes nearly 200 stunning, hand-scribbled doodles by some of the biggest names in the underground art world, including virtuosos from tattoo parlors, rock clubs, skate shops — and also including some Whitney Biennial alums and Deitch Project superstars.