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  1. An Oral History of New York’s Largest Gang BustTwo years after law enforcement arrested 120 gang members in the Bronx, the community is still debating whether it made them safer.
  2. Did ICE Violate a Teen Informant’s Civil Rights?Homeland Security is investigating the case of a Long Island teenager marked for deportation because of admissions he made to police to escape MS-13.
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    Cardi B Explains the Obvious Reason She’s Always Repping the Bloods“If somebody was to tell me right now, ‘I want to join a gang,’ I would tell them that it’s a waste of your money, it’s a waste of your time.”
  4. Teenage MS-13 Gang Informant Heads Into Final Asylum HearingAmong those who will testify on Henry’s behalf: His former principal, an expert witness working for free, and his FBI Gang Task Force handler.
  5. A Teen Turned Informant to Escape MS-13. Now His Life Is in Even More Danger.Henry thought that talking to the cops would help him get away from the violent gang. Now he’s caught between them and ICE.
  6. Cop Shot Through Hat, 15-Year-Old Shot in Back During Gang ClashAn ugly night in the Bronx.
  7. The NYPD Is Analyzing Local Rappers’ LyricsFor evidence, not for fun.
  8. Accused Brooklyn Baby-Killer: ‘I Love Kids’The most depressing interview of the day.
  9. Bronx Gang Spelled Out Name in Stolen Drug Money on FacebookNot smart.
  10. Harlem Gang Members Busted Quoting Rap Lyrics OnlineIn addition to all the real crimes.
  11. Bronx Gang Busted Discussing Crimes on Facebook and InstagramThe NYPD is really getting a hang of this social media stuff.
  12. Gambinos, Hell’s Angels, and Westies Indicted for Loan Shark SupergroupFeaturing brass knuckles, a baseball bat, etc.
  13. NYPD Upping Facebook Presence to Stalk GangsSocial media is the new battleground.
  14. Gowanus Club Cancels Fund-raiser for Bloods Gang LeaderThey cited “unforeseen circumstances.”
  15. Forty-nine Brooklyn Gang Members Arrested Thanks to Facebook OversharingRivals friended each other and bragged about murders.
  16. ‘Bottle Bomb’ Scare Back AgainThe NYPD must have been forwarded a scary e-mail.
  17. Massive Credit Card Breach Linked to NYC Parking Garage, Taxi CompanyAs many as 10 million cards compromised.
  18. Feds Capture Folk Nation Gang Leader Devon RodneyMembers of the Brooklyn gang have been charged with a plethora of crimes.
  19. Forty-Three Charged in Connection With Brooklyn’s Wave Gang and Hood StarzAll are between the ages of 15 and 21.
  20. A Killer Summer in New York CityRemember when the murder rate was heading toward zero?
  21. NYPD Uncovers Plot to Shoot Cops From RooftopBloods and Crips were working together to take out the police.
  22. Man Charged for Shooting Two Women in Gang-Related OutburstNYPD arrested 56 yesterday after the violent mêlée.
  23. Police Arrest 56 After Gang Outburst in Times and Herald SquaresEaster-night tradition results in four getting shot; mayor calls for anti-gangs campaign.
  24. Gang of Senate Moderates Roughs Up the Stimulus BillBut only so they can save it.
  25. Chunk Joins a GangThere’s a new gang in Williamsburg named the Pretty Boy Goonies. Forgive us, but we couldn’t resist.
  26. No Congestion Pricing, But... • So Mayor Mike struck out on his congestion-pricing deal as Albany ended the legislative session. But while that plan got all the attention, Bloomberg got a slew of other projects passed: a child-care tax credit, a corporate tax slash, and more state funds for public housing. Huh. [NYP] • Dozens of pissed-off New Yorkers are being bussed to D.C. for a congressional hearing about the Feds’ performance monitoring air quality at ground zero. Jerry Nadler will be the congressman first to grill ex–EPA head Christine Todd Whitman. [amNY] • What Sunday’s pride parade may have lacked in middle-aged, middle-class gays, it more than made up for in a newly prominent demographic: religious groups. Jews, Roman Catholics, Buddhists, and others came dangerously close, in the words of a reveler, to “hijacking the parade.” [WCBS] • The weekend brought a mass gang arrest in Bushwick — 32 kids, the youngest 13 years old, collared on their way to attend a murdered friend’s wake. The gang is supposedly an offshoot of the Bloods, colorfully dubbed the Pretty Boy Family. [NYT] • And now that Fred Thompson seems to be a viable presidential candidate, let’s get all our political advice from Law & Order cast members. Sam Waterston — a.k.a. A.D.A. Jack McCoy — is also the face of the libertarian-flavored online movement Unity08, and he’s ready to vote Bloomberg. [NYDN]