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‘Lasagna Cat’ Is Back with a Bunch of New Videos Today

Earlier this month, the guys behind Lasagna Cat teased -- in the form of a telephone sex survey -- that they had new videos in the works, and now that the sex survey is complete, today they followed through in the form of 13 new videos uploaded [...]

By Megh Wright

‘Lasagna Cat’ Returns to the Internet After Nine Years Away

If you miss the old Lasagna Cat YouTube shorts, today is your lucky day, because after a nine-year absence, this week Zachary Johnson and Jeffrey Max AKA Fatal Farm uploaded a brand new video called "1 (800) 591-3274" teasing Lasagna Cat's [...]

By Megh Wright

The 20 Specials of Christmas: Garfield

Splitsider just featured an article about the history of Garfield's mediocrity. And generally, I agree. Garfield The Comic Strip has a long history of sucking. The joke-based strips are lame and the storylines are all boring. A character gets [...]

By Mike Drucker

Comedy’s Love/Hate Relationship with Garfield

When I was younger, there was no greater pairing than the holiday season and Garfield. I’d watch wide-eyed as he'd float down 5th Avenue in the Thanksgiving Parade; I’d pop in our VHS recording of A Garfield Christmas, and I’d adorn our tree [...]

By Stephen Winchell