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Red Hook Vendors Bid for Ball Fields

If Red Hook vendors want to cook at the ball fields, they’ll have to use approved food-preparation carts, according to a report in the Daily News. The city Parks Department is now accepting bids from vendors, but the traditional mom-and-pop stands may not be able to afford the upgrade. Plus, are those carts even suitable for the kind of deliciousness served in Red Hook? One vendor, who requires four grills to make her pupusas, says no: “We’re not just boiling hot dogs.” You said it, lady. The city will award vendor permits at the end of February. New Rules May Grill Taco Stands [NYDN] Earlier: Grub Street's complete coverage of the Red Hook vendors.

Too Many Hipsters Bring Down L Train Grades

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Today, the MTA released its subway report card results for the L Train, which runs from Eighth Avenue across 14th Street and through Brooklyn. The L train received an overall grade of C — nothing to brag about, but still good enough to avoid a note home to your parents. The biggest complaint, overcrowded trains during rush hour, is totally justifiable, unless you happen to enjoy sitting with a stranger’s package three inches from your face. According to the New York Times the L train’s congestion troubles are due to a ridership growth rate in hipster-sanctuaries Williamsburg and Greenpoint, where the population has grown by 20 percent since 2000, double the city average. At least the hipster population is overall abnormally (freakishly) thin — you can easily pack three hipsters into the space of one un-artistic, short-haired, loose-panted person. Were they of normal girth, the L train would really be in trouble. — Dan Amira