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‘Bastards. Bastards All.’

Michelle Malkin confirms that Sarah Palin's e-mail account was indeed hacked this morning, and has some wise words for those who would mess with the Alaska governor.


How to Be a Gawker

"We need to put back the Gawkeresque angry-creative-underclass glint to our voice," Valleywag contributor Paul Boutin wrote in a self-serious and totally fascinating memo passed on to Gawker Media editors this morning by managing editor Noah Robischon and passed on to Intel…later. The memo to the various writers in Nick Denton's snarky blog empire suggests that they take care to make sure each item contains a "glint of nastiness." But don't overdo it! Cramming in a ton of insults makes the site look a lot "less brilliant," Boutin says. When eviscerating a target, it's best to "pick the one best dig, and save the others for another time."


Alan Richman Confirmed Out at Bloomberg

Alan Richman is out at Bloomberg, reports say. A tipster reported as much to Gawker over the weekend, and Eater currently is citing “reliable info” that the critic left on his own, rather than getting fired. Our own source on the subject, a figure close to the center of the situation, confirms for us that Richman is no longer reviewing for Bloomberg. As much as we admire Richman’s work, we weren’t entirely surprised: Richman had evidenced tablecloth fatigue over the last few years, and had been at the reviewing grind much longer than any of his current peers. According to Eater, Peter Eliot will replace Richman in the weeks before a permanent replacement is named. More on the story (and our source says there is more to the story) as we hear it. EaterWire AM Edition: Alan Richman Out at Bloomberg [Eater]