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Newsday to Charge for Online Content

Today's bad media news includes the death of a 150-year-old newspaper, and the shrinkage of one of fashion's most powerful brands.

By Mike Vilensky

The Media Plays Musical Chairs

Remember how that goes? If you don't have a chair to sit in when the music stops, you … are … out!

By Mike Vilensky

Five Things Moe Tkacik Is Sick of Hearing on CNBC

Since being laid off, writer Moe Tkacik has had all the time in the world to wallow in coverage of the economic crisis. And there are a few things that are pissing her off.

By Moe Tkacik

Who Will ‘Gossip Girl’ Off?

According to Gawker, one of our most beloved characters will meet his or her demise in an upcoming episode. Any clues as to who it will be?

By Chris Rovzar

Gawker Media Fires Nineteen Employees

Owner Nick Denton, in an e-mail to staff, predicts that people will call this the end of ‘the golden age of the blog.’

By Chris Rovzar

‘Bastards. Bastards All.’

Michelle Malkin confirms that Sarah Palin's e-mail account was indeed hacked this morning, and has some wise words for those who would mess with the Alaska governor.

By Chris Rovzar