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Gay Bashing

  1. Moscow Takes a Break From Ukraine Fighting to Hate on Gays Some MoreIt’s not over.
  2. scary things
    Gay-Rights Activist Latest Target of City’s Anti-LGBT ViolenceEugene Lovendusky says he was punched in the face near Times Square.
  3. scary things
    Gay-Bashings Continue Across ManhattanTwo more last night.
  4. crime and punishment
    Tyler Clementi’s Rutgers Roommate Rejects Plea DealThe Rutgers suicide saga is not over yet.
  5. Beef
    Video of Corner Bistro Incident SurfacesDid a ‘BlackBook’ writer who accused a waiter of gay-bashing actually strike first?
  6. Beef
    Corner Bistro Owner Says There Are Two Sides to Alleged Gay-BashingIt’s said that the alleged victim threw a beer mug at the bartender, for one thing.